Valve Publishes New Steam Deck FAQ, Confirms Lack of External GPU Support

Valve has published a new FAQ for its Steam Deck controller, confirming that the device does not support external GPUs. The company also says it is looking into offering refunds to those who have already purchased the product.

Valve has published a new Steam Deck FAQ, in which they confirmed that the company does not currently have any plans to support external graphics cards with their gaming platform. Read more in detail here: steam support.

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On the official Steam Deck website, Valve has posted a new FAQ that addresses many of the burning concerns that potential buyers of the portable PC have been asking. The Steam Deck will not have any external GPU support, according to the FAQ, leaving all of the work to the AMD APU with Zen 2 CPU (4C/8T) and RDNA 2 GPU. Valve also stated that the Steam Deck may be used as a PC controller, which may seem strange given the device’s length. However, it does come with a full set of controls, including square trackpads, extra grip buttons on the back, and a six-axis gyro.

The whole FAQ is as follows:

Is it possible to use several Steam accounts on a single Steam Deck? Yes, and each Steam Deck account will have its own save data and settings.

Can I use Proton on Steam Deck to play non-Steam games? Yes, you can use Proton to play non-Steam games.

Will Steam on Steam Deck have the same ‘Add a Game’ functionality as Steam on PC? Yes, much as with the desktop Steam client, we’ll enable adding games.

Will Steam Deck’s UI take the role of Big Picture? That is our goal, but the implementation will take place in phases.

Will changes made to Proton for Steam Deck (such as anti-cheat features) be applied to Proton on desktop as well? Yes, these enhancements will be included into all Proton-based systems.

When it comes to launching games, how will SteamOS and Steam Deck handle offline mode? To download games and play online multiplayer games, you’ll need to be online, just like on a PC. Unless the game needs an internet connection, you may play when Steam Deck is offline after a game is loaded on disk.

On the Steam Deck, what file system format does the microSD card use? MicroSD cards from Steam Deck utilize ext4 with casefolding, and SD cards are formatted properly by Steam Deck.

Is it possible to use Steam Deck as a PC controller? Yes, you may use your Steam Deck as a controller by connecting it to a PC through Remote Play.

Will Steam Deck be compatible with PC virtual reality headsets? While a PC VR headset may theoretically be attached, the Steam Deck is not designed for PC VR.

Is it true that docking the Deck boosts performance? Docking, on the other hand, is more similar to connecting a USB-C hub into a computer. In portable mode, Steam Deck performs at its best.

What are the displays like on the 64 GB and 256 GB models? A glass screen is standard on all versions (optically bonded IPS LCD). The screen on the 512 GB variant has been engraved with an extra anti-glare coating.

What are the different types of haptics on the Steam Deck? There are two LRA motors on the Steam Deck, one beneath each trackpad.

Is the audio jack compatible with both audio and microphone? Yes, it’s a CTIA-approved design.

Is there a multitouch option on the touchscreen? Ten fingers, to be exact.

What is the length of the charging cable? 4.9 feet, or 1.5 meters

Will the Steam Deck be available in stores? Steam Deck is only accessible via Steam. As we expand the availability of Steam Deck to additional areas, we may establish partnerships with merchants — stay tuned for more details.

What can you tell us about the BIOS, and is dual-booting possible? Multi-boot is possible, which means you can install several operating systems and select which one to boot into. The BIOS menu will be accessible to users.

Is it possible to boot an operating system from an SD card? Yes, the Steam Deck can boot from a microSD card.

Will external GPUs be supported by Steam Deck? No, Steam Deck does not allow external GPUs.

Is it possible to alter my mind about the model of Steam Deck I want after I’ve made a reservation? No, you can’t alter your model once you’ve booked a Steam Deck; you’ll have to cancel and re-reserve (this would put you at the end of the queue for your region).

Valve is still taking reservations for the Steam Deck, but fresh pre-orders for the widely anticipated portable won’t arrive until Q2 2022. This is true for all versions of the Steam Deck, including the $399 entry-level model with 64 GB of eMMC.


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The steam store is a platform where users can purchase games, software, and hardware. Valve has published a new FAQ that confirms that they do not have plans to support external GPU’s on the SteamOS platform.

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