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Hey, I'm Wayne Delaney, a Python programmer, blogger and competitive online gamer..​

More About Me

Hey there, I’m Wayne Delaney, the unlikely hero at the crossroads of gaming and Python programming. Picture this: one hand wrestling with a stubborn piece of code, and the other masterfully navigating through the latest RPG—yep, that’s my average Tuesday. My blog is where these two worlds collide in a spectacularly nerdy explosion of insights, tips, and the kind of humor that makes even my computer screen snort.

I’ve made a name for myself by turning programming pitfalls into punchlines and gaming glitches into gospel. It’s not just about conquering virtual realms or debugging that pesky script that’s been haunting my dreams—it’s about embracing the chaos with a smile. So, if you’ve ever wondered whether a Python can defeat a dragon (spoiler: depends on the code… and the dragon), you’re in the right place.

Stick around for a deep dive into the heart of gaming culture, sprinkled with a fair share of coding conundrums that I swear are teaching moments (for both of us). It’s a wild ride through the worlds of code and controllers, where the only real error is not having a good laugh along the way. Welcome to my digital domain—I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do.

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