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Severed Steel is a third-person action game that takes place in the future. The player controls a cybernetic ninja who must fight their way through hordes of enemies to save the world.

Severed Steel is a game that was released on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game has received mixed reviews, but it does have its fans.

With some of the finest fast-paced first-person shooters coming out in recent years, it’s been a great moment for the genre. DOOM Eternal, Quake‘s unexpected remake, and the newly released Deathloop are just a few of the beautiful games that have been out in the last year. I can now confidently add Greylock Studios and Digerati’s Severed Steel to this ever-growing list. 

Severed Steel is a fast-paced action game. Think F.E.A.R. mixed with Max Payne and the polar opposite of SUPERHOT, where you must keep moving at all times to live, rather than stopping to survive. You will perish if you stop for even a few seconds. Severed Steel is a chaotic, explosive, and very enjoyable game. There is a narrative in this game, but it isn’t really worth paying attention to, and the game is well aware of this, with few cutscenes and little lore to concentrate on. Instead, all of the attention has been focused on the gameplay. 


Basically, it’s a cross between Max Payne and SUPERHOT.

You’ll be performing a lot of wall running, sliding, diving, and double jumping throughout the game’s arenas. Bullets come at you fast and furious, and you can only take so many before dying and having to respawn. The character may avoid bullets and combine these trick moves with a bullet time mechanic by performing these trick moves. This enables you to link movements together for ultra-stylish moments. I threw myself out of a window on a higher level, took out two opponents, crashed through another window straight onto a slide, and then took out several more enemies inside the first 15 minutes of the game. This may get quite easy very fast, but the challenge is always there, particularly if you play on Severed Steel level or above. Because you can’t reload, you’ll have to steal weapons from your opponents or even grab their sidearm from their pockets.

It’s not flawless, and there were a few times in the game that I felt could have used a bit more polish. Mantling and wall-running may be a little uncomfortable. Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to jump from one train to another via a little window only to have the figure climb up onto the roof. Thankfully, with such a quick pace, it’s simple to adjust, but it’s still an inconvenience. Also, your kick mechanism is almost useless: being able to kick shields or opponents away should be a helpful tool, but it is too inconsistent. I usually simply slide through the shield or leap over for a spectacular flip strike. Despite these flaws, I enjoyed every minute of my time with Severed Steel. 

Except for certain floors and walls, the voxel-based world is nearly entirely destructible. Windows break, and walls crumble. Looking back after the shooting is done and witnessing how much damage you created can be a lot of fun. You also have an arm cannon that enables you to easily burst holes in the environment, enabling you to travel through several levels, surprise opponents by blasting right through walls they’re hiding behind, or just shot them with it. Although I was expecting for additional firing options for this arm cannon, it is definitely one of the greatest improvements to the game. 


The levels have the potential to be very catastrophic.

The two to three hour campaign may be short, but, like SUPERHOT, the gameplay is just too excellent, and this greatly increases the repeat value, attempting to be as stylish as possible while simply having fun with these tiny sandbox settings. Though the arcade mode, which is extremely replayable and involves you running through each map with challenges to achieve the best score to level up, is where the heart of the game lies. Leveling up here enables you to choose your starting weapon, access new maps, and even add modifiers to alter the game’s behavior. Severed Steel is a ton of fun, and with a level editor (still in beta at the time of writing) and Steam workshop support, it should keep you entertained for a long time. 

Severed Steel has a distinct visual style. However, it is not as easy as games like SUPERHOT, with greater complexity and ambient interactions. Also worthless is the heads-up display. I wasn’t paying attention to my health bar during these hectic times, instead focusing on the green (changeable) UI element beside the pistol in my pictures. Furthermore, instead of a regular ammunition counter, a “weapons remaining” meter is represented by a color on the side of a weapon, which would accomplish the job just as well if not better. 


Never stop pushing forward.

It was a little too short, and the UI might have been improved, but that didn’t bother me. Severed Steel‘s extremely fast-paced movement-based shooting, total chaos atmosphere, and endlessly replayable arcade mode were a joy for me. Severed Steel is an easy suggestion if you’re searching for a game that just puts you into a map and encourages you to have fun with it and its mechanics.

An terrible UI lets down voxel-based destruction and basic (but distinctive) design choices. 

It’s similar to SUPERHOT, but instead of never moving in order to perform your action, you never stop moving.

The dark synth music immerses you in the experience, although it may sometimes overwhelm what’s onscreen.

The campaign of Severed Steel is brief, but the chaotic gunfights provide infinite entertainment. 

Final Score: 8.0

On PC, Severed Steel is now available.

The RTX 2060 was tested with a Ryzen 5 3600X processor and 16GB of RAM at 34401440.

The publisher sent me a copy of Severed Steel.

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Severed Steel is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you play as Sasha, an amnesiac who wakes up on the outskirts of a city surrounded by mutants. Reference: severed steel system requirements.

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