Community Update Stream – Recap – 09/24/21

A recap of the community update stream held on September 24th, where we discussed the recent changes to the game and some upcoming features.

The world of tanks console update preview is a community update stream that was live on September 24, 2018. It recapped the most recent updates in World of Tanks.

WorldofTanks6 - Community Update Stream - Recap - 09/24/21

Reddit! What’s new with you? There are some very nice enhancements here. If you have any questions that I can address, I’ll catch up with you next week in the comments.

From our WoTConsole Twitch broadcast, here is the most recent Community Update Stream summary.

This week’s theme:

  • M4A1 FL 10 French Tier 6 Medium is a new premium tank.
  • Eastern Sniper Wins the Yazi WZ-120-1G FT Challenge
    • After three days, a total of 2865 gamers have earned it.
  • The Tier X Silver challenge, which will go all weekend, began this morning.
  • On sale are large booster bundles of 25 or 50 packs.

The next week:

  • Premium Tanks for Free XP is an event where you can get premium tanks for free XP.
  • The challenge for Oktoberfest is cosmetics and a medal.
  • Cosmetics are on sale for 50% off.
  • New Earnable Skins for WWII
  • WaffenTragger E 100 Skin is a bonus skin included in the package.
  • The First to Orbit Challenge was created to celebrate the 1957 launch of Sputnik.
  • Strv 103B Tank Destroyer Tech Tree Line + On Track in Tanks Reforged
    • Tier 8-10 Swedish TDs feature a siege mode that must be manually triggered.
    • Usability enhancements such as shorter siege transition periods and less dispersion penalties are also incorporated.
    • The reload and accuracy of lower-tier vehicles will be improved the most.

(Unless otherwise specified, no ETA):

  • The article on 7.2 Improvements may be read here.
  • Update on the muffled shot. We’ve double-checked that it’s functioning properly, and we’re changing the description to make it more obvious.
  • An update on my green thumb. A solution is presently being considered.
  • Clan news and information. On the clan leaderboards, there has been progress:
    • Creating methods to account for individuals departing and joining clans in statistics, as well as adding time It’s currently planned to be released initially with general clan metrics and refinement. At this moment, there is no estimated delivery date.
  • Update on the competition. The first leaderboard test went well, and the second test is now underway.
    • We don’t have a deadline, but if the results of the second internal test are positive, we’ll be able to start organizing events shortly.
  • Customization for Commander will be available towards the end of this year or the beginning of next:
    • First and foremost, we want to alter your name, voice, photos, and abilities.
  • Light Tank Issue in the Cold War Era 2:
    • We’ll look at extending the timeframe.
    • Armadillo may be rebalanced or re-erased.
    • We also discussed how the Pz V/IV might be modified in this manner.
  • CW maps from WW2 and CW maps from WW2. PAINGOD went into great detail regarding this. If you’re interested, please watch it again.
  • Adjustment of the MOE It is not planned to go back to the old computation. I’ll keep an eye on the feedback.
  • The basic season pass is being upgraded. This is something we’d want to accomplish, but it’s still a long way off.
  • Internally, wheeled vehicles are being tested.
  • PAINGOD’s backdrop has a fun Halloween theme.
  • PC’s most recent position. Internally, there has been a lot of discussion. If ever, it is not anticipated in the foreseeable future.
  • Sizes of platoons. There are no intentions to reverse this decision. However, we’re looking on enabling bigger platoons in CoOp.
  • The team that will develop this WW2 HUD is currently working on it.

All of the other pictures may be viewed here. There may have been more topics discussed, but there was a lot to cover today, so please forgive me if I missed anything. To receive the entire update, I suggest rewatching!

Twitch Streams from WoTConsole – 1400 CDT (1900 UTC):

  • Friday, October 1st – PainGod Community Update – New Tank First Look – Giveaway
  • Monday, October 4th – MintoVimto Insider Information – New Tanks Preview – Giveaway

DISCLAIMER: I have done my best to translate these notes. These notes, like the Update Preview Notes, are subject to change. Prior to each upgrade, complete and final notes will be made accessible.

Best wishes, MV

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