New World Project Board Leveling Guide (30 to 60)

This is a guide for new players to help them get started in the game.

New World Project is a board game that has many different levels. The new world leveling guide 30 40 is a guide for players who are trying to level up their character from the start of the game, to the end of the game.

New World Project Board Leveling Guide

One of the appealing aspects of New World is that almost anything you do earns you XP. There are a variety of ways to trickle XP down to your character, enabling you to level up in a variety of ways. We have a leveling method that may not seem to be feasible at first sight, but we promise you that it is one of the finest in the game. Here’s how to level up your New World town project board.

The town Project board is first presented to you early in the game. The majority of people’s initial impulse is to collect every task on the board and slowly finish them as they quest. When you return to town to hand in your normal quests, you’ll eventually finish your town board objectives as well for a nice little XP boost. Most people are unaware that beyond a certain point, you may almost completely forgo normal side questing and utilize the Project Board as your main leveling method. 

The fact that every town has a project board, that the boards refresh every 30 minutes, and that improving your territorial standing at higher levels drops some good XP are the essential elements that make this feasible. The method is based on immediately turning money and farming time into XP leveling.

A Brief Overview

This kind of leveling has a basic core idea. The majority of our leveling will take place on Town Project Boards, with questing occurring only when cash, Azoth, or supplies are required. To refill our stocks, we will prioritize particular project board tasks above others, as well as certain town and resource routes. With the Project Boards, we’re trying to figure out how to make a more efficient leveling loop. Let’s get started. 

Leveling of the New World Project Board (LVL 30 to 60 Preferred)

To begin, keep in mind that this approach works best when you start at a mid-level, such as level 30 to 60 or 40 to 60. The reason for this is because you’ll need a significant amount of money and resources to achieve the full impact. If you’re a lower level player, you may still utilize the guide to help you select your town board tasks more effectively, but once you reach level 30, this approach can become your main source of XP.

The ideal time to utilize this tutorial is while you’re leveling up from 30 to 60.

We’ll begin by deciding on a home town. This will be your main operating base and the location where you will ultimately buy a home. Owning a home isn’t required for this leveling strategy, but it is a huge benefit, and with the first-time buyer discount, it’s a no-brainer to purchase as soon as you can. 

Make sure to establish your inn to your hometown if you don’t already have one. It’s a good idea to make your hometown the one with the most busy auction house and the lowest pricing, which is usually Windward or Everfall on most servers.

Go to the town’s Project Board and fall in love with it. You’ll return to it often. It’s crucial not to accept every task on the board; some are more difficult than others, and we want to optimize our XP and time output. 

New World Project Board

We’ve put up a tier list for the town project board to assist you figure out which tasks to take on and which to ignore or abandon. However, as a general guide, here are some to consider and others to avoid. 

Pick Up

  • Each and every crafting task
  • Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing are two different types of smithing.
  • Feather Missions are missions that include feathers.
  • Cooks were in desperate need of assignments.
  • Wolves to be hunted


  • Missions of Hunting (Beside wolves)
  • Missions in the Kitchen (the non-simple ones)
  • Missions of Fishing
  • Explorers are required.

Gather your missions and begin working on them. Almost all crafting tasks may be completed by just running outside of town and gathering materials fast. Some of the other tasks will need you to purchase goods from the auction house. In general, the more money you spend on town board tasks, the quicker you will earn XP. 

Your bread and butter are the crafting missions. They can be purchased, although they can also be farmed very fast. You can either farm for an hour or so and have enough material to last for over five levels, or you may farm as you go. For rawhide, ores, and fibers, there are a few agricultural paths you may choose.

From the project board, we want to stay away from anything that requires us to go about for too long collecting or killing, as well as anything that is too costly to buy or build. We aim to finish the project board tasks in under half an hour, thus anything that slows us down for little XP isn’t worth it. 

After collecting and completing all of the tasks in one town, you may move on to the next. Windsard and Everfall are the simplest towns to travel between, and they also feature the finest auction houses most of the time. I remained in these two villages for the most of my leveling, and the cycle looked something like this.

  • Complete the project board for Windsward.
  • Ascend to Everfall 
  • Complete the project board for the town of Everfall.
  • Spend Azoth to reset the cooldown on your home.
  • Return to the Windward side of the ship.
  • Repeat

New World Windsward to Everfall

You may also utilize Azoth to port to the different regions you control if your faction is doing well. The Azoth invested in such areas will be less expensive. Otherwise, you risk running out of money too soon.

Every 30 minutes, the project board missions are refreshed. You must accomplish as many project board tasks as possible in as many communities as feasible within that period. You will get XP for completing the tasks, but you will also earn Territory Standing, which will reward you with XP as you level up your territory standing. The plan is completed by the XP gained by raising your Territory status. It’s modest at first, but as you reach into the 20s for territorial standing, each level grants you a significant amount of XP, which mounts up rapidly. You’ll also be leveling several regions at the same time. 

New World Territory Standing

If you run out of Azoth, you may work on some of the missions that have been building up. You should be over-leveled for these, so they’ll be simple to complete while still providing good Azoth. You may, of course, form a group and use corrupted portals. This would be the only time you could pick up any “Explorers Needed” or hunting assignments off the board if you went out to quest, farm, or perform portals. 

Keep an eye on your crafting levels.

It’s critical not to overlevel your crafting skills too soon while using this approach. When your crafting professions reach a certain level, the project board will begin assigning you higher-tier missions. While they will provide much more XP, they may become monetarily unproductive and may cause you to get stuck on the project board grind sooner. 

For example, if you keep your Leatherworking skill below 100, you’ll receive Coarse and Rugged leather collecting tasks, which are simple and inexpensive to accomplish for excellent XP. However, after you reach level 100, you’ll be given Layered Leather assignments, which are much more difficult and expensive. Go for it if you have the funds to tackle the higher-level resource grind. 

Selling all of your farmed resources and buying the crafted ones from the auction house is a smart way to keep your crafting levels under control. You can avoid the crafting process and have complete control over how quickly you level it. 

I was able to breeze over the level 30 to 60 grind with this approach, and I think it is one of, if not the quickest leveling strategy in the game. Try it out for yourself, and if you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

The new world crafting leveling guide is a new project that requires players to level up their crafting. This project is going to be updated as the player levels up.

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