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OSRS is a popular online role-playing game that is free to play. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best items you can get for free in OSRS and how to obtain them.

The osrs f2p best in slot is a list of the 20 best OSRS F2P items and gear. This list will help you find the best items to use for your character.

When it comes to gear in Old School RuneScape, there are a plethora of choices — and F2P is no exception.

Sure, there aren’t as many choices in F2P as there are for members. However, there are hundreds of possible armour and gear combinations.

With so many options, deciding on the right tool for each task may be difficult… but worry not! I’ll be giving my recommendations for some of the finest F2P gear & equipment to hunt down, whether you’re new to Old School or a seasoned veteran.


Wizard Robes (number 20)

Wizard robes are your finest in slot mage training gear, so make sure you acquire them as soon as possible.

These robes have no prerequisites for wearing them, making them simple to utilize even at level 1 Magic.

The Blue Wizard Hat, Blue Wizard Robe Top, and Blue Skirt make up the set.

The hat and top, however, offer a magical benefit of +2 and +3 respectively. The blue skirt, on the other hand, is simply decorative and completes the appearance.

The skirt and hat are the simplest to acquire of the three, and can be purchased from Thessalia in Varrock Square and Betty in Port Sarim, respectively. Wizards are the only way to get the robe top. In your search for this top, I suggest going to the wizard’s tower, where you’ll find lots of wizards to kill.


Team Capes (19.)

Team Capes in OSRS

Team capes are some of the finest F2P capes, and they come with some pretty basic benefits.

They also come in a number of designs and colors, so there are literally hundreds of ways to personalize them!

Because they were intended to aid teams in large-scale PvP fights in the Wilderness, these capes have the additional advantage of highlighting individuals wearing the same cape as a blue dot on your mini-map.

How to Get It: There are about nine cape sellers across the Wilderness, including one in Edgeville. To avoid risking anything in the Wilderness, I would highly suggest utilizing the cape vendor in Edgeville.


Anti-Dragon Shield (number 18)

Anti-Dragon Shield in OSRS

In F2P, this shield is mostly utilized for Dragon Slayer I, although it may also be used as an offhand for Magic and Range.

Aside from looking nice, the shield offers some basic all-around protective numbers in mage, melee, and range, which makes it more effective.

Once you’ve completed/started Dragon Slayer I, you may purchase this from Oziach.


17. Magical Amulet

Amulet of Magic in OSRS

Ah, the Magic Amulet.

Of all the amulets in OSRS, it’s arguably the simplest to acquire.

With a +10 magic attack boost, it’s an above-average magic upgrade, as well as your best in slot while training Magic on F2P.

How to Get It: You’ll need to create a sapphire amulet, which needs a low crafting level of 24 and level 7 magic to enchant.


16. Runes of the Law

Law Runes in OSRS

Teleportation spells need Law Runes, which are necessary for traveling about Gielinor unless you wish to walk everywhere!

You can teleport to Lumbridge, Varrock, and Falador with the appropriate magic level, saving you a lot of time and enabling you to maximize your efficiency.

As a result, they are essentially must-haves.

How to Get: Law Runes are difficult to come by on F2P since no stores sell them, they can’t be crafted on F2P, and only a few monsters drop them in small quantities. These are best purchased at the Grand Exchange.


Death Runes (number 15)

Death Runes in OSRS

Death Runes are required to perform the blast spells, which are the most powerful battle spells available in an F2P adventure.

Fire Blast is the strongest spell a death rune may cast in F2P, with a basic maximum hit of 16.

However, these runes may be very costly, costing about 200 gp apiece!

As a result, they should only be utilized in high-level PvM or PvP.

The easiest method to acquire them is to go to the Rune Shops in Port Sarim or Varrock and purchase them.


14. Amulet of Power

Amulet of Strength in OSRS

Surprisingly, this F2P amulet is tied for the greatest strength boost in the game (at +10) with the Amulet of Torture.

Nothing comes close to equal this amulet’s sheer power in F2P, thus it’s typically the amulet of choice for pkers or those wanting to test their max hit.

To get this item, you must first create it. To create a ruby amulet, you’ll need level 50 crafting and level 49 magic.


Rune Chainbody (#13)

Rune Chainbody in OSRS

This iconic chainbody is often used by players who no longer want to wear their Adamant Platebody but have not yet finished Dragon Slayer I in order to get the Rune Platebody.

If you’re in this situation, the chainbody can help you out with some good defensive benefits.

Perhaps it will aid you in your quest for the coveted Rune Platebody?

How to Get It: You may purchase this item from the Champions Guild for approximately 50k.


12. Keep a journal

Chronicle in OSRS

Every F2P player should have this equippable book in their inventory.

It’s just much too powerful for early-game explorers.

A player may use the Chronicle to teleport to the exterior of the Champions’ Guild, essentially giving them a teleport to Varrock!

This is especially helpful early in the game, when law runes may be costly and difficult to come by.

How to Get It: A Chronicle may be purchased for 300 coins and charged with 150-coin teleport cards.


11. Amulet of Strength

Amulet of Power in OSRS

The Amulet of Power is an enchanted diamond amulet with a good mix of offensive and defensive benefits, including +6 to all attack and defense stats.

As a consequence, it works well in melee, ranged, and magical builds.

It also gives you a +1 prayer boost, which is fantastic when combined with God Armours!

To get this item, you must first create it. To create a diamond amulet, you’ll need to be at least level 70 in crafting and level 57 in magic.


Elemental Staves (nine)

Elemental Staves in OSRS

In F2P, there are four different elemental staves to choose from:

Earth, Air, Water, and Fire are the four elements.

The magic attack bonuses are the same for both staves at +10, with the Fire Staff having somewhat superior melee stats.

The staves also provide infinite runes in their respective areas, such as the Air Staff, which provides unlimited runes in the air. As a result, it’s critical to utilize each staff in the activity that requires the most runes, such as high alchemy.

How to Get: All of the aforementioned staves may be purchased for 1500 coins apiece from Zaff in Varrock Square.


9. Third-Age Ring

Ring of 3rd Age in OSRS

So, unless it’s utilized to keep money in F2P, this item is extremely helpful.

It may also be utilized to show off to other players as a flex.

The ring has no fighting abilities, but it can transform a player into any random 3rd age object.

They’ll emerge on the floor whenever the ring is equipped as this item.

Because this is a hint reward that is only accessible to members, it can only be purchased from other players. The ring is now valued around 2.6 million coins.


8. Dangerous Arrows

Adamant Arrows in OSRS

Addy arrows are the best arrows in F2P, and they can be shot by both short and long Maple bows.

The arrows have a range strength boost of +31, which makes them good in general.

However, since these arrows are very costly, they are usually only utilized by wealthy players. Alternatively, since they can strike forcefully, they may be utilized on pking journeys.

How to Get It: Lowe sells them near Varrock Square.


7. Boots with a Design (gold)

Decorative Boots (gold) in OSRS

Castle Wars is a fantastic minigame that has just gone free-to-play.

The boots were also recently updated in December 2020, giving free-to-play gamers a chance to get some excellent boot protection.

For F2P, these boots are the finest in slot and need 30 defense to wear.

Their stats are comparable to those of adamant boots, which can only be obtained by members.

How to Acquire: You can only get them for 400 tickets from the Castle Wars Ticket Exchange! This is a very large sum of money, and obtaining it may take a long time.


Set of Green Dragonhide

Green Dragonhide set in OSRS

The body, chaps, and vambraces are all constructed of green d’hide, and combined they form the finest range gear in F2P.

To equip the set, you’ll need a range level of 40, but the body has an additional requirement.

You must be a member of the Champions’ Guild and have finished Dragon Slayer I to use the body.

The vambraces are also the best in slot gloves for range and melee for F2P – but you won’t want to use them for a mage build since they have negative magic benefits.

How to Get It: The Champions’ Guild sells the chaps and vambraces. Oziach is the only person who may purchase the corpse in Edgeville.


5. Shortbow Maple

Maple Shortbow in OSRS

The greatest F2P bow is a maple shortbow, which can fire any arrows up to and including adamant arrows.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a range level of 30 to use this bow, so keep that in mind before going looking for it. It does, however, come with a +29 range attack boost.

This weapon is excellent for casual ranged experience and Pking other players, since it may be a good switch weapon.

How to Get It: This bow can be purchased with 400 coins from Lowe in Varrock.


4. Armour of the Rune God

Rune God Armour in OSRS

God armour consists of a complete helmet, kiteshield, platebody, and platelegs, and is available in six distinct variants, each of which corresponds to a particular God in OSRS.

In terms of protective benefits, this armour is identical to rune armour.

However, unlike traditional rune armour, it grants a +1 prayer benefit to each piece, for a total of +4 for the whole set.

Prayer bonuses are uncommon in free-to-play games. As a result, players will want to keep this information in mind.

How to Get: You can only purchase this from other players on F2P since it’s a prize from hard clue scrolls, which are only available to members. The Zamorakian set is the most costly, costing about 500k, while the Armadyl set is the lowest, costing around 150k.


3. Sword of Rune 2h

Rune 2h Sword in OSRS

With a solid +69 slash bonus, this sword, also known as the R2h, provides the greatest slash bonus in F2P.

As a result, it’s a popular F2P “knock out” weapon among Pkers.

The R2h is a two-handed weapon that is also extremely sluggish, thus it isn’t often employed in informal training.

How to Receive It: You’ll need a 99 Smithing level to create this, or you’ll get it as a fortunate drop from Obor.


2. Scimitar Rune

Rune Scimitar in OSRS

The Rune Scimmy is without a doubt the finest scimitar in F2P. It’s also one of the finest in the whole OSRS.

It’s almost solely utilized by F2P players as their main weapon of choice, because to its good slash bonus of +45 and quickness.

You can also practice all three fighting techniques with the scimmy, so there’s seldom a need to switch weapons for recreational training.

If customization is important to you, you may also add a decorative kit to the scimitar’s hilt.

How to Get: Your choices are restricted in the F2P world. To make this, you’ll need a Smithing level of 90 or you may purchase it from another player on the Grand Exchange.


Hill Giant Club No. 1

Hill Giant Club in OSRS

The Hill Giant Club is by and away the most powerful two-handed weapon in F2P.

The Hill Giant Club is very impressive by F2P standards, with a crush bonus of +65 and a Strength boost of +70, and it packs quite a punch!

It’s also the most costly weapon to wield in F2P, costing approximately 450k gp on the Grand Exchange.

To get a Giant Key, you’ll have to slay hill Giants until you get one. You may confront Obor with this key, who has a 1/118 chance of dropping this powerful club. It’s worth noting that one key equals one boss try, so you may need to grind out a few keys to get the drop.

The osrs f2p special items are a few of the best OSRS F2P items that you can get. These items are not only great for leveling up, but also have some nice stats.

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The best weapon in the game is a staff.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best F2P armor in Osrs?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best F2P armor in Osrs is the Black Dhide set, which can be obtained from the Grand Exchange.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What should I flip in F2P?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Generally, you should flip the cards that are either red or black.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weapon in Osrs F2P?

The best weapon in the game is a staff.

What is the best F2P armor in Osrs?

The best F2P armor in Osrs is the Black Dhide set, which can be obtained from the Grand Exchange.

What should I flip in F2P?

Generally, you should flip the cards that are either red or black.

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