30 Ways that New World is Different than other MMORPGs

The New World is an MMORPG that has been in development for over a decade. It is the first game to be based on blockchain technology, and it offers players a new way to experience the game. Here are some of the ways that New World is different from other MMOs.

The themepark mmo list is a website that lists 30 ways in which New World differs from other MMORPGs.

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I thought this information may be useful as New World prepares to debut next week. There are around 30 ways in which New World differs from your typical themepark MMORPG.

I hope you find it entertaining and helpful.

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Let’s get this party started.

  1. If you’re looking to tank, here is the place to be. To trigger taunts, place a Carnelian gem on your weapon. Yes, I realize it’s strange.
  2. Toss a Carnelian on your armor to decrease danger if you’re a dps or healer concerned about it.
  3. Have you noticed that? Depending on whether you have it slotted in your armor or in your weapon, the same gem has distinct effects.
  4. In order to enter instances, you’ll need a tuning orb key. These can be made, but only 5 can be made each week. (7 days / 168 hours) To create keys for dungeons, you must do corrupted breaches.
  5. On your characters, you may learn any weapon and any trade skill.
  6. Per server, you can only have one character. That means no twinks and no alts. Fortunately, you can accomplish everything with only one character. This prevents the player from becoming a member of both sides at the same time.
  7. Expeditions are the name given to dungeons. They are not yet timed, but you will need a key to get access. The keys, on the other hand, have a time restriction. 5 times each week
  8. Only one person, the one who is utilizing their orb, needs to enter the dungeon. Everyone else will be prompted to press f1 to enter the dungeon after they have used it.
  9. You, not an NPC, may repair your gear. You can perform this anywhere, even in a dungeon, and you won’t need to take an anvil out of your pocket.
  10. Salvaging gear provides you with cash and repair parts, allowing you to fix your gear.
  11. You may skip the lesson, but if this is your first time, you really shouldn’t. However, if you do, be sure to speak with the dead NPC in order to get his treasure. A shield in this instance.
  12. To regain health, you must eat or drink a potion. You can’t simply walk away from a fight. Some meals give you a temporary boost that enables you to regenerate health outside of battle, but you don’t have that ability by default.
  13. In the field, you may pitch a tent. One of the earliest missions will teach you how. 5 green tree logs and 1 flint are required.
  14. At that tent, you may make rations.
  15. You may avoid paying taxes if you craft in your tent.
  16. There are taxes in this game.
  17. When you turn on PvP, you’ll get 10% more experience when farming, questing, and killing in the world.
  18. You get experience not just through collecting and creating, but also from refining.
  19. Respeccing is free before level 20. Don’t be scared to experiment with fresh builds.
  20. Respeccing is free before level 10 weapon mastery. Take a look at number 19 for further information on the building note.
  21. Your home serves as a secondary teleport point. You may return home or to an inn after a day in the field.
  22. Your ability to roll, dodge, or shuffle will be influenced by the weight of your gear. You’re probably not bugged if you can’t roll anymore after changing your armor. You’ve just moved up a weight category.
  23. The level tier of the facilities in the town you’re in will restrict your crafting. You can’t create top-tier gear in a forge just because it’s a forge.
  24. Recipes are required for certain craftable goods. By recovering a recipe, you may learn how to make it. I know, it seems strange, but I did it a couple of times and learnt how to set a table and prepare meals.
  25. Your name plate will be obscured if you crouch. When you’re lying down, your nameplate is effectively hidden. For a PvP assignment, I actually lay in a bush while other players went by. It had been an adventure. Lie down in a bush.
  26. AoE heals will be your main heals. On the ground, look for the green circle. Take a stand in it!
  27. Do you recall the tent? Before you enter a difficult region, set it up. If you die within 500 yards of it, you may rez it.
  28. Tents are not permitted in a Point of Interest.
  29. There are no pre-defined classes. Combine any and all weapon combinations to your heart’s content. Have a good time.
  30. The targeting of tabs does not function.

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The new world release date is the first major MMORPG that was released in 2016. The game has many unique features and is different from other MMORPGs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes new world different?

New World is a new game mode that was introduced in the Beat Saber update on August 6th. Its a new type of song with more intense beats and faster movement.

Is New World a good MMorpg?

I am unable to answer that question.

What should I play instead of wow?

If you are looking for a game that is not as competitive, has more story-driven content, and is less grindy then I would recommend playing The Witcher 3.

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