Massive Drama in Demacia Cup Qualifier (Matchfixing, Betrayal ft. MangoFish- no.1 fizz onetrick)

A controversial North American Challenger Series (NA LCS) match between the TSM team and MangoFish was called into question, with screenshots of suspicious chat logs posted by a Reddit user. The accusations were eventually proven to be true after multiple investigations led by Riot Games over several months.

The “what happened to midbeast” is a massive drama that has been going on in the Demacia Cup Qualifier. The matchfixing and betrayal of MangoFish- no.1 fizz onetrick have caused some major controversy.


A Demacia cup qualification was recently conducted in China for streamers to construct their own teams, with the winner receiving an official place in the Demacia cup to battle against professional teams. Imagine witnessing your favorite streamers (Meme stream squad) take against your favorite pro team; this is huge for Chinese fans. Beifeng – no.1 Qiyana one trick; Zztai and Letme, retired RNG players and prominent streamers; Sally, Solo queue king, 2k Cass onetrick who is currently a jungler; and our lad Mangofish, no.1 Fizz one trick and knight’s apprentice are among the notable individuals.


Zhang (top laner and team leader), PigHui (jungler), Mangofish (Mid), Silentlygetby- we’ll call him silent for short(AD), and xiaoFzzf make up Mangofish’s XBW squad (support). Mangofish is a well-known streamer, I believe Zhang is a streamer but not particularly well-known, and the rest of the guys are unknown solo queue gamers with good rankings.


With a lot of twists, this drama concluded in official punishment and became a big issue in the Chinese scene, so sit tight and enjoy.


The incident began in the Qualifier Semi-finals, when team XBW faced off against team Dream, which included popular streamer YahooGod. The game was broadcast live from each player’s own feed. During a vital Dragon battle in the game, the enemy renekton managed to TP near Zhang’s (Ornn) tower before Zhang TP, resulting in the team losing the dragon and the fight. After teleporting, Zhang perished, giving the opposition team an even bigger advantage. Zhang has no method of stopping Renekton, as you can see in the SS.


VEyVXfh - Massive Drama in Demacia Cup Qualifier (Matchfixing, Betrayal ft. MangoFish- no.1 fizz onetrick)



After that blunder, Silent was burning him continually throughout the game, causing the Jungler and Support to engage in the flame. They accused Zhang of matchfixing, which was strange given the little dragon combat mishap. Zhang’s face got noticeably slanted, and he even made a stupid performance like casting ornn ult in the other direction, all while remaining quiet.




Here’s a highlight video showing flame and matchmaking in Chinese:

They eventually lost the first semi-final match, and after the loss, they got into a huge brawl in the voice chat, with Zhang yelling, “Either we give up on the semi or we all quit playing” (kinda meant the same thing). Either we give up or we kick Zhang, said the ad, support, and jungler. Mangofish was caught between a rock and a hard place since he was also the room master; on the one hand, Zhang was the team captain and urged him to join the squad; on the other hand, three teammates demanded Zhang’s dismissal. Time was also a factor, as both the official and the other team urged them to get the game started as soon as possible. In the midst of all of this, Mangofish reached out to his pal Hushen (No. 1 Jax one-trick) for support. Hushen instantly quit his ranked game on broadcast after hearing from Mango, promising to offer his ranking colleagues roughly 10USD each participant. Mangofish opted to kick Zhang because he was under pressure from his colleagues, the official, Hushen departing his ranks, and his personal drive to win. The majority of the stream viewers were yelling at the AD for stirring up things.


Despite Hushen’s assistance, they lost the following match, with the AD making a positioning error that allowed the opposition to recover from a 10k gold disadvantage.


Uzi, too, was engrossed in the action and munching on popcorn:


Zhang claimed he doesn’t blame Mangofish after getting booted since he was the one who invited all of his teammates, and the jungler is even his current neighbor. He was about to walk upstairs and beat him up when he was stopped (LOL). After the players flamed him for the whole match, he acknowledged he became very emotional. Finally, Mangofish apologized for kicking Zhang and handed Hushen a $150 gift for his assistance.


Because they had previously played together in college, even Leyan came out and endorsed Zhang.



The match’s host, Douyou, opted to penalize the whole squad (save Zhang and Hushen) for bringing in an unregistered top laner in the midst of the game. The result of team XBW was canceled, and they were docked one month’s streaming income.



The drama doesn’t stop there; an insider in the scene, LittlePrincess, who seems to be a large boosting business owner who used to suggest xun,bo, and beichuan, said that all four of MangoFish’s colleagues were matchfixers.


Finally, xiaoFzzf, an XBW supporter, corroborated the rumor and confessed to matchfixing. He said that when he first joined, he was taking the game seriously. Soon after, one of his contacts said that two others on the squad are interested in matchfixing together, and he decided he may as well join them.

There were four individuals matchfixing in the end, but the jungle, AD, and Support suspected Zhang of being a double-agent and formed their own gang. They utilized all of their cash to gamble that they would win the match and receive first drake before the incident since their scrim performance versus Dream was excellent. When the plan fell through, there was a disagreement since all three of them suspected Zhang of matchfixing for another individual. They booted him, changed his name to Hushen, and began playing seriously in the next match, which they lost. He stated that streaming did not pay well, which is why he turned to matchfixing. He couldn’t stand the strain and reported the scandal; he also apologized to Mangofish.


Mangofish later said that xiaoFzzf attempted to persuade him into it by offering over $5k USD for a victory.


According to another source, the AD Silent is a banned member from the last LPL matchfixing affair. The crew was first split into two groups of matchfixers, top/jg and ad/sp, who worked for distinct bosses. It wasn’t until later that they realized the other gang was also matchfixing.


There is a double agent among the four of them who sells matchfixing information to other bettors, resulting in a lower aggregate profit. (I’ve never gambled on sports before, so I’m not sure how this works.) I suppose that has something to do with the fact that the more people who gamble, the lower the pay-out rate is?). The double agent remained undetected for the rest of his life. Someone also paid Zhang approximately $15,000 for a match.


People were also catching on to what Zhang had stated earlier, that “we either give up on the semi or we all quit playing,” with “playing” referring to matchfixing.


source: 46567921.html on


Wow, this took a lot longer to write than I anticipated; I hope you like it!

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The “chinese fizz one trick” is a matchfixing scandal that has rocked the Demacia Cup Qualifier. The scandal involves MangoFish- no.1 fizz onetrick, who was caught red handed by Riot Games.

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