How to complete the St. 47 feat in Hitman 3

A feat is a skill in Hitman 3 that requires completing certain tasks to unlock. There are over one hundred feats in the game, each requiring a different set of skills and levels of patience. Here’s how to complete every single feat.

The “hitman 3 holiday hoarders” is a challenge in Hitman 3. The goal of the challenge is to complete it without killing anyone who isn’t wearing a Santa hat.

In Hitman 3, you may get St.47 by completing the Christmas-themed Holiday Hoarders task. It necessitates you completing every obstacle or achievement related to the goal, which might take a long time and a lot of devotion. There is, however, a method to fulfill this feat as well as all of the other Holiday Hoarders tasks in a single playing. This article will show you how to accomplish it so you don’t have to play for any longer than required.

There’s no need to use a certain loadout. However, we propose that you begin the assignment in the kitchen as an undercover agent. This puts you in close proximity to some of the goods you’ll need for one of the feats, so every advantage counts.

Stealing everything is the first step.

You won’t have to worry about completing ‘Tis the Season regardless of any other difficulties, so don’t worry about it. From your starting point, make your way around the museum, taking all twelve objects and the suit in the sequence shown below. To locate them, look for the map references below each one. This sequence assures that you grab each item before the goals, so be sure to stick to it and move as quickly as you can.

Item 1: Apricot – You’ll begin the task in the kitchen with the apricot.

item-1-apricot-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 2: Coconut – This item is located in the canteen across the hall from the apricot. Once you’ve obtained it, follow the security guard out of the area, overpower him, and take his disguise to assist you in obtaining the other things on the list.

item-2-coconut-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Object 3: Cannonball – This item is located in the wing with the model ship on the museum’s ground level.

item-3-cannon-ball-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 4: Toy tank – This item may be found on the counter behind the staff members who are gazing at a painting in the museum’s next wing.

item-4-toy-tank-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 5: Battleaxe – This item may be found protruding from the ice sculpture in the restaurant.

item-5-battleaxe-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Weapon 6: Shuriken – This item hangs from a clothes rack beside the battleaxe.

item-6-shuriken-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 7: Remote detonator for fireworks – For this item, you must rush upstairs to the light desk on the balcony, past a guard who will see through your disguise. This one has to be rushed since one of your targets could get to it before.

item-7-fireworks-remote-detonator-map-reference-hitman-3-hioliday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 8: Circumcision knife – This item may be found in a room near the remote detonator for fireworks.

item-8-circumcision-knife-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Santa 47 Suit: To get Santa’s suit, locate him in the adjoining dining room and overpower or kill him. This is required in order to complete the Ho Ho Ho feat. You can kill him with the battleaxe, but make sure you take it with you.

where-is-santa-in-hitman-3-holiday-hoarders-map-referencePhotographed by

Artifact 9: Cowboy bust — This item is located at the top of the attic ladder. The battleaxe must be dropped at the bottom of the ladder, but it may be picked up again when you return.

item-9-cowboy-bust-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 10: Saber – This sword is tucked up in the attic, protruding from a skull.

item-10-saber-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 11: Bust – The second bust in the attic is on the security desk. Wait for the guard who is closest to it to go to the left so you may pick it up.

item-11-bust-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 12: Branson MD-2 microphone — This last item is in the attic around the corner. To accomplish the Santa’s Little Helper feat, return to the ladder you used to climb up here, slide down, and pick up the battleaxe. After that, you may put down the battleaxe and saber and return to the ground level.

item-12-branson-md-2-microphone-map-reference-hitman-3Photographed by

Step 2: Throw three bricks at your opponent’s head.

You’ve now finished one task and begun working on a couple others. The next step is to return to the basement and make your way to the security office, which is where you began. This place is shown on the map below.

security-office-map-reference-hitman-3-bad-47Photographed by

There’s an orange gift on the floor inside. It must be opened in order to disclose three bricks. To continue your task, pick up those bricks. It would also assist if you could get a security guard disguise at this time, but try to put the Santa 47 Suit someplace you can easily get it later.

You must locate Marv, the target with the beard and hat, and subjugate him by hurling three bricks at his skull. Attempt to do it without being seen, but make sure someone sees Marv’s corpse. Each time you overpower him, you should have the security guards wake him awake. If you’re having trouble, try dragging his body to a spot where it can be viewed. Ensure that Marv is awakened at all times. You won’t be able to fulfill the final feats until you do so. After you’ve completed this, you’ll get news that the Bad 47 accomplishment has been completed.

The third and last step is the grand finale.

oh-deer-complete-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

You need to go to the garden and discover the lion statue with two propane flasks under it, while your two targets are still roaming about with nothing to take. If you changed out of the Santa 47 Suit earlier, make sure you pick it up. The location of the lion statue is shown on the map below.

lion-statue-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Wait until each of your targets walks out with a cup of wine in their hands. Then they’ll stand together near the lion statue for a few seconds, allowing you a few seconds to fire the propane flasks and kill them both with an explosion. This completes the accomplishments Ho Ho Ho and Oh, Deer. All you have to do now is leave the task and view the end screen for each achievement and assassination.

If you wish to finish each task individually, you must first complete all of the following challenges before moving on to St.47.

  • ‘Tis the Season: Unlock the Santa 47 Suit by completing the Holiday Hoarders assignment once.
  • Bad 47: Use bricks to subdue Marv three times in a single playing.
  • Santa’s Little Helper: Steal all twelve of the objects the targets are looking for before they pick them up.
  • Oh, Deer: Use a propane flask explosion to kill both targets.
  • While donning the Santa 47 Suit, take out both targets with unintentional killings.

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Hitman 3 is a game that has been released on consoles, PC, and mobile devices. One of the main features in Hitman 3 is the St. 47 feat which requires players to complete all missions with Agent 47 without killing anyone. In order to complete this feat, you will need to purchase the “Requiem pack” from the store. Reference: hitman 3 missing requiem pack.

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