How to complete In From the Cold in Final Fantasy XIV

A tutorial for the second job in Final Fantasy XIV.

In “In from the Cold” is a quest in Final Fantasy XIV. The objective of this quest is to complete it by defeating the boss, Vath and then returning to your home city.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the In From the Cold quest will have you roleplaying as an Unknown Imperial. You’ll have to fight and sneak your way through Regio Urbanissima in order to live and reach Camp Broken Glass throughout this phase. We’ll go over what you need to do and where you need to go to finish In From the Cold in Final Fantasy XIV in this tutorial.

A sequence will play before you may roleplay as an Unknown Imperial. You will become an Unknown Imperial after you reach this milestone. While in this form, you will have three talents and skills at your disposal. The initial attack combination is your only one each time you use it, thus you’ll mostly employ it while battling monsters. The second ability is an attack boost, which allows you to perform 25% greater damage for a short period of time. Finally, the third ability, damage reduction, allows you to absorb 10% less damage while it is active. While in this state, you will not be able to cure yourself passively.

A Tempered Imperial will attack you from the left of your location, which you must fight. If you loot their body after defeating them, you’ll earn the power to heal yourself. If you wish to locate more healing charges, go for Deceased Imperials, tiny bags, and Wrecked Magitek Reapers. The region will open up for you when you beat the Tempered Imperial, and your aim will be to reach an Immobilized Magitek Reaper. You’ll locate it closer to the southwest of where you started.

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After you’ve engaged with the Immobilized Magiteck, your next objective is to locate the key and fuel that will allow it to function. The key may be found on a wounded Imperial not far from this spot.

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The gas station is a little farther away. To discover a broken Magiteck Reaper with some fuel, proceed to the northwest of your present location, passing through multiple adversaries. After engaging with the Magitek Reaper, you must bring fuel back to the Immobilized Magiteck Armor’s position while evading opponents. If you’re attacked by an adversary, you’ll lose the fuel cell, but you don’t have to go back to where you got it. Rather, you’ll have to pick it up off the ground again.

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You may now employ the Magiteck Reaper to attack numerous adversaries using the key and fuel supplied to it, stopping you from leaving and travelling to Camp Broken Glass. There will be three assaults on you. The first is a tiny AoE ability that you’ll utilize the most, and it’ll help you beat your opponents. The second is a considerably broader AoE with a longer cooldown, so you’ll want to use it to take out the foes in your immediate vicinity. The last assault is a line AoE that you’ll fire at the highlighted target.

The Magiteck Reaper will not be able to move once you fight the adversaries, so you’ll have to proceed on foot to the next sector, via a few Tempered Imperials. You’ll come across armed citizens who will require your assistance, and you may collaborate with them to escape.

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In the sequence that follows, you’ll be collaborating with the people to combat the Tempered Imperials and other hostile troops. There will eventually be a large AoE strike that drives everyone towards the center, almost killing your character. You’ll have to go through a Real-Time Reaction sequence to recover awareness, and once you do, you’ll have to crawl as near to Camp Broken Glass as you can. You will, however, come to a halt at a particular point, watch a cutscene, and then return to your body to complete the Main Scenario Quest In From the Cold.

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The “final fantasy xiv endwalker” is a very difficult, but rewarding quest. It takes time to complete, but it will be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the weather in Ffxiv?

A: No, weather cannot be changed in FFXIV. Weather is purely a feature of the games natural environment and cant change.

How many hours does it take to complete Ffxiv?

A: The average amount of hours it takes to complete FFXIV is around 16.

How long do worlds stay congested Ffxiv?

A: They stay congested for about a day.

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