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The Kingdom Hearts 3 game is finally here, and with it comes a plethora of new food to try out. From the familiar to the exotic, this list has got you covered.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a game that has many different things to do. It also has some of the best food dishes in any video game.

Today, we’ve got a real treat in store for you.

Sora and Little Chef have prepared a delectable meal for you. All of the cuisine you’ll discover here was handcrafted by them, utilizing ingredients from all around the globe.

Eating each meal will provide you and your party some great stat boosts – in fact, out of all the dishes in the game, we’ve ranked the very finest things to consume.

You’ll receive even more benefits if you consume the whole meal at once, such as enhanced spell power or exp increases!

But what if you’re undecided on what to cook and eat?

Simply go through our menu to discover what suits your preferences.

Also, familiarize yourself with the components in each of these meals so you know what to look for.

Note: We’ll only look at the 3-star versions of each dish for simplicity’s sake, so have your whisking hand ready to grind.


Consommé+ 10

Kingdom Hearts 3 Consommé Food Dish

We’ll begin our magnificent feast with a simple soup starter that will whet your appetite for what’s to come.

Our homemade Consommé is prepared with celery, onions, and cloves from our garden.

One sip of the soup is enough to give your stomach a warm sensation while also increasing your team’s HP by 12 and MP by 2.

You’re not in the mood to cook?

After receiving your M.O.G Card, feel free to purchase some of this delicious soup for just 120 munny.

Celery, onion, and cloves are required ingredients.


Ratatouille+ (#9)

Kingdom Hearts 3 Ratatouille Dish

Ah! What a great option for our chief chef’s personal favorite meal.

The Little Chef takes special care in every Ratatouille he prepares, so you’re in for a treat.

Sora has hand-picked each piece of this delectable puzzle to guarantee the greatest level of excellence.

It’s prepared with fresh Zucchini and Eggplant, juicy tomatoes, and a garlic-and-bay-leaf mixture that’ll make anybody weak.

That is, everyone but you!

You’ll feel your magic expand with a +8 HP and +14 MP increase after devouring this delectable beginning.

If you’re hungry for more (but don’t want to prepare the 3-star version), the standard meal is available for 180 munny once you’ve completed your visits to Monstropolis and Arendelle.

Zucchini, Eggplant, Tomato, Garlic, Bay Leaf are all required ingredients.



Kingdom Hearts 3 Bouillabaisse Dish

Do you get a whiff of that?

It’s difficult to ignore the fragrance of our freshly caught fish, which is about to be baked and served to Sora.

You’ll receive not just the delicious flavor of cooked lobster, but also a touch of cod and mussels, which will leave you wanting more.

And don’t forget about the garlicky, saffron-infused liquid that surrounds the meal; that’s what gives it that additional kick.

You may be wondering what kind of boost I’m talking about.

You’ll get +2 defense, +8 health, and +5 mana!

Isn’t it tempting to desire seconds?

After you’ve completed Monstropolis and Arendelle, you may always purchase the cheaper version for 300 munny.

Mussel, Lobster, Cod, Garlic, and Saffron are all required ingredients.


7. Caprese Salad (plus)

Kingdom Hearts 3 Caprese Salad Dish

Any excellent dinner must begin with a delicious side salad.

And our Little Chef has created a one-of-a-kind cheesy mix with hand-picked strawberries and tomatoes, topped with basil.

If it doesn’t whet your appetite, I’m not sure what will.

It’ll be in your best advantage to begin with such a flavor-packed first meal, as it will help your body prepare for what’s to follow.

Each bite grants +1 Magic, +2 MP, and a total of +16 HP!

A delicious fruity treat to kick off your next KH3 session.

Strawberry, tomato, cheese, and basil are all required ingredients.


Tarte aux Fruits+ (No. 6)

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tarte aux Fruits Dish

If there’s still space in your stomach for dessert after all of this, how about our Tarte aux Fruits?

With such a lovely and playful presentation, you’ll have a hard time deciding whether to admire it or eat it.

To make this, you’ll need to gather fruit from all seven of the Flantastic Seven Heartless.

This meal will be the result of such a difficult job.

You’ll be rewarded with +1 strength, +2 magic, and +10 HP if you gather the ingredients and prepare the dinner!

Sour cherry, strawberry, blood orange, banana, grapes, melon, and watermelon are all required ingredients.


5. Bisque de Crabes+

Kingdom Hearts 3 Crab Bisque Dish

Hopefully you haven’t overindulged yet, since we’re about to move on to our main courses.

First up is a substantial and delicious bisque.

A whole fresh crab will be waiting for you, surrounded by a sea of Olive Oil broth prepared from the best diced Tomatoes, Celery, and Carrots.

The warmth of the soup will stoke a fire in your gut, preparing you for the next battle.

Crunch that crab for a +1 Magic, +20 HP, and +2 MP increase. And enjoy that flavor because there will be plenty more seafood to come.

Crab, tomato, carrot, celery, and olive oil are all required ingredients.


4. Quail with Stuffing+

Kingdom Hearts 3 Stuffed Quail Dish

Maybe you’re not a big fan of fish.

No issue, since our Little Chef is well-versed in the preparation of a wide range of excellent meats, including fowl.

You’ll fill a delicate and juicy Quail with numerous freshly selected and cleaned mushrooms including Portobello, Miller Mushrooms, and Porcinis in this meal.

All of that meat, garnished with a dash of parsley and served with a dish of rice, is for you to consume.

This comes with a +2 strength, +1 magic, and +12 health boost. As a result, this is a dinner suitable for the whole gathering.

Everyone except Donald, that is. That might make things a little strange.

Rice, Portobello, Porcini, Miller Mushroom, Parsley, and Quail are all required ingredients.


3. Papillote Sea Bass+

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sea Bass en Papillote Dish

For a high-end restaurant like Le Grand Bistrot, presentation is a must.

Our Sea Bass en Papillote is a perfect example of this.

It’s a stunning presentation of chopped Sea Bass swimming in a brothy sea of Olive Oil, Basil, and Thyme.

The bass remain floating in this sea, covered in a paper boat, and they retain the dish’s flavor.

With the delicious increases of +2 Defense, +10 HP, and +4 MP, everyone will feel at ease here.

Sea bass, basil, thyme, and olive oil are required ingredients.


2. Tomato Soup (Cold)+

Kingdom Hearts 3 Cold Tomato Soup Dish

Never doubt Little Chef’s creative brilliance when it comes to these dishes.

He always understands what’s ideal for each of these dinners and never fails to deliver.

What seems to be a basic tomato soup is really a well-balanced combination of tomatoes, dill, and watermelon.

The coldness of the dish keeps the watermelon’s pleasant shine, evoking memories of a summer day.

With only one drink, you’ll be ready to fight with +1 Magic, +20 HP, and +5 MP.

Watermelon, tomato, and dill are required ingredients.


Mousse de Lobster Plus

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lobster Mousse Dish

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hate to tell you that this dish will bring the great feast to a conclusion tonight.

At Le Grand Bistrot, we like defying the assumptions of the typical diner.

And with that, we’ll wrap things off for tonight with a beginning!

This is ideal for all of the magicians out there, both experienced and inexperienced.

It’s a simple dinner of Lobsters and Scallops with Dill, but it has a lot of charm in it.

Each creation has the potential for +20MP, +1 Defense, and +4 HP.

Perfect for individuals who intend to leave the restaurant feeling energized and ready to take on the next challenge.

Lobster, scallop, and dill are required ingredients.

The kingdom hearts food recipes is a list of the top 10 best food dishes in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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