How to gain science to unlock buildings in Timberborn

In the game Timberborn, players build a city by unlocking buildings. The more science you have, the more buildings you can unlock. Science is obtained through quests and by building structures in your city.

The timberborn how to get more beavers is a question about how to gain science in the game Timberborn.

You should have a number of features at the start of your Timberborn campaign that will help you develop your community. Several fixtures, however, are still unavailable. Here’s how to get extra scientific points in Timberborn so you can unlock new structures.

Gaining more scientific points to unlock additional structures in Timberborn

If you go to Timberborn’s Science page, you’ll see that you may build an inventor’s home (it only requires 12 pieces of wood). Of course, each invention entails one beaver resident who must labor in that location. Inventors will also generate scientific points every day.

Is it necessary for us to get to the inventor’s home in Timberborn? No, it’s not true. Ideally, you should prioritize water and crops. After that, you’ll need to construct some dams, enough to produce a body of water that will be useful during droughts. After that, you may think of constructing a few inventor homes.

Unemployed individuals of your population will be automatically allocated to this category. If everyone has a job, you may choose to stop production in some of the buildings you don’t use very frequently. The employees will then go on to become innovators.

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Once you’ve accumulated enough knowledge, you may explore the various sections to discover what new items, structures, and features you can unlock. Keep in mind that certain fixtures are very expensive in terms of science points:

  • Wooden stairwells, platforms, and suspension bridges may be found under the Paths and Structures menu. These aren’t necessary early in the game.
  • Levees, floodgates, explosives factories, and dynamite are all part of the landscaping. Levees are something you’ll ultimately want to uncover with science. They may completely stop the flow of water, unlike dams.
  • Larger warehouses are available for storage. You won’t even think about them until much later in your campaign, when you’re already strapped for cash.
  • Labor – When you need to administer districts, the fixtures here come in handy. The builder’s hut expands an existing district’s construction range. Meanwhile, districts may exchange and transmit resources via the distribution post and drop-off point.
  • Science points may be used to unlock larger shelters. You won’t need them right now.
  • Water — This page teaches you how to unlock the irrigation tower if you’re playing as the Folktails faction. This is critical because it allows you to prepare your stocks in advance of a drought.
  • Food — The bakery is an essential structure here, as it assists with both hunger and nutrition well-being.
  • Wood – This contains a number of key unlocked fixtures. The forester allows you to grow trees so that you may continue to get lumber. Materials for more sophisticated goods are created in the gear workshop and paper mill. Finally, the printing press produces books, which contribute to the knowledge well-being statistic.
  • Metal — To unlock both of these items, you’ll need science points.
  • Power – The Folktails group has access to a windmill and a big windmill, both of which may significantly increase the power of your structures.
  • The temple and the carousel, respectively, enhance your spirituality and fun well-being metrics.
  • Furniture and designs may be utilized to enhance the attractiveness of a district’s area. We won’t bother with most of them, with the exception of the beaver statue, which has a 33% area-of-effect.
  • Finally, there are three monuments on this page that boost the awe metrics for well-being. Unless you have a lot of science to spare, they are totally useless.

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Timberborn is a game that has been out for quite some time now. It is an idle game where you build up your town and unlock buildings by gaining science. Reference: timberborn review.

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