Thousand Sons Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

The Thousand Sons are a legion of Chaos Space Marines who worship the god Tzeentch. They are known for their use of sorcery and psychic powers, as well as their ability to change shape into other creatures.

The thousand sons 40k 9th edition is a strategy game based on the Warhammer 40k universe. Players take control of one of the many factions, and fight for supremacy in a dystopian future.

thousand sons tactics

Welcome to our Thousand Sons Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition comprehensive tutorial!

thousand sons tactics warhammer 40kKoowanchee’s Magnus the Red

“I didn’t do anything wrong…” -Magnus the Red is a character in the book Magnus the Red.

Continue reading if you believe that Magnus did nothing wrong. You may read it even if you’re dubious, but aficionados of the Thousand Sons mythology from earlier versions will like them in 9th edition Warhammer. 

As much as their opponents hope they could just “dust buster” the Thousand Sons methods, this army is tenacious and quick-to-strike. (Of course, the 1000 Sons are composed of dust and clad in armor.) Apart from the obvious jokes about “dusting off your favorite army,” the Thousand Sons tactics are among the most difficult 9th edition models to paint–but the aesthetic payoff with these Warhammer miniatures is excellent. 

Thousand Sons Warhammer 40k 9th Edition: An Overview

The Thousand Sons had a rocky start after being introduced in Warhammer 7th Edition. They were particularly poor in 8th Edition, and you must play them in a certain way to succeed (see our strategies at the conclusion of this book). The new Thousand Sons Warhammer codex is as complicated as Tzeentch. Cabal points are very powerful in comparison to prior editions, and the Scarab Occult figures are a great deal when it comes to constructing your list. 

We’ll go through why you should play the Thousand Sons army, how to successfully execute the Thousand Sons Tactics and Stratagems, and what tactics our team advises employing with them in this tutorial. Check out the “Pew Pew No No” and “Maybe Not Magnus” strategies for some really out-of-the-box thinking. 

Let’s get started with our Thousand Sons Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition tutorial!

If You Want To Play Thousand Sons Army

  • I’d want to play an Egyptian analog game. Thousand Sons are Space Egyptians with telepathic abilities.
  • As though troops of metallic red swarmed the battlefield. That’s the hue they like.
  • In your sci-fi and Warhammer mythology, are you a fan of automatons and cyborgs?
  • Want a Warhammer 9th edition army that is entirely psychic?
  • Would you want to play an army that is more focused on offensive capabilities?
  • We’ll need an army that can take down Grey Knights while still being able to withstand small-arms fire.
  • Are you ready to paint complex Warhammer miniatures and want to improve your painting skills? 
  • I don’t want to play a game with objectives.
  • Do you want to show off your Magnus character model? (but before you decide to use the Magnus Character, make sure you read our tactics).
  • If you want to add some “glass cannon” characters in your army, here is the place to do it.

Stratagems for Thousand Sons Warhammer 9th Edition

thousand sons tacticsNemris’s Loyalty Without End

Battle Stratagems of the Thousand Sons

Ensorcelled Infusion is a kind of ensorcelled infusion that

What it looks like: The Thousand Sons’ realm is teeming with turmoil. They use the warp’s own capabilities to imbue their vehicles with lethal empyric forces. 

Mechanics: This strategy works till the Shooting phase ends. Receive a +1 to the Armour Penetration of ranged weapons. Use this when an Arcana Astartes Psyker is within 6 inches of a Thousand Sons Vehicle and you want to fire it. 

Price: 1 CP

Phalanx unwavering

A successful phalanx unit is one that stands together. When these tough foot soldiers concentrate their efforts on a single objective, they become even tougher. 

Mechanics: This Stratagem may only be used during the Shooting phase of the other player. When your opponent chooses Thousand Sons Scarab Occult Terminators or Thousand Sons Rubric Marines, use this strategy. Every time your opponent’s characters target the chosen units, the attack’s Damage characteristic receives -1 (minimum 1) until the conclusion of your opponent’s Shooting phase. 

Price: 1 CP (if your chosen unit has five or less models) / 3 CP (if your chosen unit has more than five models) (if your selected unit is comprised of six or more models)

The Wronged’s Wrath

What it looks like: The 1000 Sons champions’ spirits are filled with bitterness and fury about being mistreated. These ideas pervade the Rubricae, causing them to unleash a torrent of rage on their foes. 

Mechanics: Select an Arcana Astartes Infantry in your Shooting phase or Fight phase to use this stratagem. When the unit attacks, add a +1 to the [ound] roll for that attack.

Price: 2 CP

Fusillade interne

What it looks like: The Thousand Sons employ invocations to infuse their weapons with magic in order to enhance lethality. These weapons are surrounded by a halo of mental force.

Mechanics: When choosing an Arcana Astartes Infantry unit, use this stratagem. This stratagem lasts until the phase’s conclusion. When a model in the chosen Arcana Astartes unit fires a bolt weapon, it gains an additional attack. 

Price: 1 CP

Savagery that is inhuman

What it looks like: The Tzaangors’ horns and beaks rip into the flesh of their opponents with a terrible fury. They continue in their frantic wrath, inspired by the intensity of battle. 

Mechanics: Select a Tzaangor unit to battle in the Fight phase using this Stratagem. This Stratagem is active until the Fight phase ends. You may re-roll your hit roll whenever a model in the chosen Tzaangor unit makes a melee attack. 

Price: 2 CP

Prospero’s vengeance

What it looks like: Still enraged by the Scouring of Prospero, the Thousand Sons seek vengeance on the sons of Leman Russ and anyone else who stands in their path. Despite the fact that the Space Wolves destroyed Prospero millennia ago, hatred still exists, fueling the Thousand Sons’ wrath. 

Mechanics: In your Fight phase, choose a Thousand Suns unit to deploy this Stratagem. This stratagem lasts until the phase’s conclusion. You may re-roll the wound roll and the hit roll if the Space Wolves are the target of a melee attack from a model in that unit. 

Price: 1 CP

Epic Deed Stratagems of 1000 Sons

1000 sons tacticsDilvish585’s pre-heresy Thousand Sons

Sorcerer of Great Power

What it looks like: Those who haven’t succumbed to the lunacy of Tzeentch worship may wield the warp’s power. Major strength, mental fortitude

Mechanics: This round, for a selected Thousand Sons Psyker model, get one additional psychic power. This stratagem should only be used during the psychological phase.

Cost: 1CP

Pact of Destruction

What it looks like: Sorcerers throw souls into the warp in exchange for incredible abilities.

Mechanics: Use this Stratagem when an Infernal Master model fails to make a pact during the Command phase. Choose a Thousand Sons Cavalry or Infantry unit within 6” of the failed model, and that unit suffers one fatal wound. The agreement is now successful as a result of the transaction.

Price: 1 CP

Requisition Schemes in Thousand Sons

Arcana Sorcera

Imagine a magnificent hall filled with magic tools collected by Magnus and others who came after him. These are Tizca’s sacred sanctuaries. 

Mechanics: This stratagem is to be used before to a fight, when you are mustering your army. Your Warlord must have the Thousand Sons keyword to utilize this. One Sorcerous Arcana Relic is given to this Warlord (that they can mechanically possess). You can’t use this Stratagem to grant two Relics to one model in your army; each Relic in your army must be unique. This Stratagem may only be utilized once, unless you’re fighting in a Strike Force or Onslaught combat. You may employ the Stratagem twice if you’re in a Strike Force fight. You may employ the Sorcerous Arena Stratagem three times during an Onslaught fight.

Price: 1 CP

Magister aspirant

What it looks like: Among the Thousand Sons, there is a strong desire to attain the position of Magister Templi. Many Thousand Sons collect relics of power to help them in their mission.

Mechanics: This stratagem is activated when your army is being mustered before to the fight. Choose a Thousand Sons Scarab Occult Sorcerer model or a Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorcerer model to utilize this Stratagem. Although they aren’t characters, your selected model may pick from the following lists of Arcana Relics:

Relics of the Thousand Sons Arcana for Aspiring Magisters
  • Coruscator
  • The Abominus Stave
  • Talon of Skaeloch
  • Incanandaeum

The requirement is that each Relic must be allocated to a separate model and must be distinct. 

Price: 1 CP

Strategic Playing Stratagems in 1000 Sons

Change Programs

What it seems to be: Fate is complicated. A little occurrence may have a significant effect on the outcome of bigger conflicts.

Mechanics: You can only use this stratagem if your army is made up entirely of Thousand Sons Detachments. This stratagem is meant to be utilized when you’re playing a mission that requires you to choose between Agendas and secondary objectives after both players have shown their choices. This stratagem enables you to switch out one of your Agendas or secondary goals for another. If you employ this stratagem to do this, make a note of it in your army roster and make sure your opponent is aware of it. The normal criteria for choosing Agendas and secondary goals still apply while using this Stratagem. If both you and your opponent have rules that enable you to choose additional Agendas or secondary goals, you both do so before revealing them at the same time. 

Price: 1 CP

Rubricae that have risen

What it looks like: Rubricae appear quietly for the grand finale, coming just in time to make a difference in the fight. This strategy was kept secret for decades, but its success has the ability to change the course of the war.

Mechanics: This stratagem is intended to be used during deployment. It may be used to build establish a Rubric Marines unit. The Rubric Marines unit may be placed anywhere on the battlefield as long as it is at least 9 inches distant from any opponent models and deployment zones. This Stratagem may only be used once.

Price: 2 CP

Infiltration of the Webway

What it looks like: The Thousand Sons know how to take use of the webway’s many twisting pathways to outflank their foes.

Mechanics: You must employ this stratagem during your deployment. For two CP, you may create a Thousand Sons Infantry unity in the webway rather than on the battlefield. You can put up two Thousand Sons Infantry units in the webway if you pay three CP. You may place each unit you set up this way anywhere on the battlefield over 9 inches from your opponent’s models during the Movement phase of the Reinforcements step. The Webway Infiltration Stratagem can only be used once.

2 CP / 3 CP / CP / CP / CP / CP /

Guardians who are unstoppable

The Rubricae are ideal protectors when fire approaches their masters, enduring the storms of fire as loyal guardians. 

Mechanics: You may employ this Stratagem at the start of your opponent’s Shooting phase. Select one of the Arcana Astartes character models (except Magnus the Red). Until the conclusion of the phase, this stratagem is in force. Your opponent’s models cannot target your chosen Arcana Astartes Character model with ranged weapons if it is within 3 inches of allied Scarab Occult Terminators or Rubric Marines units.

Price: 1 CP

Beam of Coruscation

What it looks like: Devastation is certain to follow as the Thousand Sons unleash the might of Silver Towers on the earth beneath them, obliterating foes at an alarming pace.

Mechanics: During the Command phase, if a Thousand Sons Warlord is on the battlefield, use this Stratagem. Place a marker at a strategic location on the battlefield. Place another marker on the battlefield within 9 inches of that marker’s center at the start of your next Command phase, and draw a line connecting the centers of both marks. Roll one D6 for each unit that would pass through or over. If the unit you’re rolling for has 11 or more models, add one. If you’re rolling for a character, subtract one. The unit suffers D3 fatal wounds if you score a 4+ on your role. Remove the marks after this has occurred. This Stratagem is only allowed to be used once. 

Price: 3 CP

Strike Vector

What it looks like: A Thousand Sons Heldrakes airborne attack including daemons. These steely flyers are masters of their realm, ripping through the adversary while flying.

Mechanics: After making a Normal Move with a Thousand Sons Heldrake model in your Movement phase, use this Stratagem. Choose one enemy unit that the model crossed (it can’t be a Character with a Wounds characteristic of 9 or less). A D6 is rolled. The unit suffers D3 fatal wounds if you roll a 2+. If the unit has the ability to fly, it must instead suffer 3 fatal wounds on a 2+. 

Cost: 1 CP

Thousand Sons in 9th Edition: Frequently Asked Questions

thousand sons fan arLuches’ Praecepti is a collection of Luches’ works.

Is it possible for Thousand Sons to summon?

Yes, the 1000 Sons have the ability to summon. However, the summoning rule is not included in the 9th edition codex, which has caused some misunderstanding among fans of earlier Warhammer versions.

Is Thousand Sons a bad movie?

In general, yes. They are followers of chaos. 

Is it difficult to paint Thousand Sons?

Thousand Sons miniatures in Warhammer 9th edition are considered difficult to paint. If you want to improve your painting abilities, this is a great army to paint. 

What is the origin of the name Thousand Sons?

There were just 1000 produced at first. The Thousand Sons reached full Legion size when the Emperor chose to deploy them on the Great Crusade.

What Happens if a Thousand Son Passes Away?

According to legend, the Thousand Son will emerge once again. However, since this requires sophisticated magic, such magics are useless in combat. The Thousand Sons have risen once again.

Is Lord of Change a viable option for Thousand Sons?

Thousand Sons may utilize Lord of Change in Warhammer 9th edition [yes/no].

Is it entertaining to play Thousand Sons?

Yes. With a strong assault, 1000 Suns can make an impression on the battlefield. This is the army for you if you like aerial warfare and psychic damage.

Tactics for Thousand Sons Warhammer 9th Edition

These strategies were devised by the Nights at the Game Table team for use with Thousand Sons in 9th edition. Some of these strategies are unusual and surprising, allowing you to catch your opponent off guard. In an objective-based game, the Thousand Sons will struggle, but there are methods to utilize them to strike swiftly and in groups. 

Due to the +1 saves, Thousand Sons have devised ways to become immune to small weapons fire. 

Assemble the Squad: In Warhammer 9th edition, squad-based play is recommended for Thousand Sons. It’s important to remember that Thousand Sons works best when it’s not combined with an objective-based game.

Use your Thousand Sons’ targetable psychic abilities to shoot enemy characters in the Ultimate Mindwipe. They won’t be able to utilize Relic powers after that, and they’ll be much more susceptible to assault!

Use the Daemon Prince build, which enables you to move if you have wings, in Daemon Pact 4 Life. You don’t need to upgrade since there’s a Relic for it.

Cabal Hell: Distinct cabals have different psychic abilities. Mix and combine these variations to create a more powerful army.

Use the Cult of Duplicity cult spec psychic power to redeploy a unit in Chaos Rising. After that, snipe enemy characters with the redeployed unit.

Take the Warlord trait for Thousand Sons, which grants you psychic action as well as other psychic abilities. 

Magnus, perhaps not: Of course, your opponent will anticipate you to play the famous Magnus the Red. Magnus, on the other hand, may be a bit of a trap to include on your roster since he can’t stand up to firepower. To earn cabal points, choose Armand or other Exalted Sorcerers and Daemon Princes. Magnus, on the other hand, is unable to take three invulns. Magnus can reroll any psychic test and add 1-2 to the wound count, but he doesn’t have any weapon talents. What a depressed Primarch! 

Rubric x 20: Infiltrate 9 with a 20-man squad of Rubrics armed with flamers. Unless you get them on your opponent’s first turn. You can even receive a plus one for this. Use with the auto-hitting flamers. 

Use Mutalith Vortex Beast to bring out the beast since it’s a pain to kill. It also has a high fatal wound output and is one of the most attractive models available. 

To earn extra Cabal points, combine Rubric Marines with Icon of Flames.

What are your thoughts about our strategies? Give them a go and let us know how they work out for you in 1000 Sons Warhammer 9th Edition. 

Do you need more Thousand Sons tactics and content?

We have a wealth of additional material for you to read and see, including previous Thousand Sons strategies, tutorials, tournament winning lists, and combat reports.

The thousand sons competitive list 2021 is a list of the best Thousand Sons players in the world. It is updated every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good are Thousand Sons in 9th edition?

Thousand Sons are a good army.

Can Thousand Sons take Obliterators?

Yes, Thousand Sons can take Obliterators.

Will Thousand Sons get new models?

I am not aware of any plans for new Thousand Sons models at the moment.

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