10 Battle Royale Tips for Beginners

The cod mobile battle royale tips 2020 is a blog post that gives 10 tips for beginners to help them in their Battle Royale experience.

Do not engage in the next fight until you have finished reading this essay. Warzone is not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of determination and concentration, as well as the expert advice we’ll provide below. You may also need to go to https://sidegamer.com/warzone-hacks to get some incredible tools that can help you win. 

On a single battlefield, up to 150 players battle it out to the death. If you must survive, you must dodge the closing circle. Thankfully, you may play in duos and trios with others to minimize the danger of other players. However, in order to survive longer on Verdansk, you must play skillfully. 

So, take a look at the suggestions we’ve provided below and start using them in your next battles. 


 10 Warzone Pointers 

High HP is one of the most essential requirements in Warzone (Health Points). To bring your HP up to 250, you’ll need three plates to add to your character’s current 100 HP. Each plate has 50HPs, and if you wear three, you’ll receive an additional 150HPs. Thankfully, you may equip up to 5 plates and replace any broken ones. So get them as soon as possible. 

  • Change your landing location on a regular basis.

This is crucial if you want to master the map completely. Choosing a single location every time isn’t going to assist you at all. As a result, change the places often to learn the map quicker. This will also assist you in identifying hot zones for more kills or isolated locations for security. 

It’s suicidal to play Warzone without money. Make every effort to get more money since there are many items to purchase for a better outcome. Contracts are one of the methods to earn money in this game. Bounties, Recon, Supply Run, Scavenger, and Most Wanted are the five options. All of these contracts are open to the public and pay out in cash. 

Always avoid the edges if you don’t want to die carelessly as the circle closes. Instead, aim towards the middle to prevent being hit by the gas as it closes. The safe zone is constantly decreasing, and anybody caught outside of it will perish from the HP-depleting gas. Regrettably, safe zones are always randomized. That is why you must have a thorough understanding of the Verdansk sites. 

  • Make certain to triumph in the Gulag. 

You will not be entirely removed from the game after you have died in Warzone. Your character will instead be transported to the gulag or a temporary jail. In this location, you will compete against another player in a 1v1 battle to see who will return to the game. So, strive to win since if you die there, it will cost money to get you back. You’re out for good if you’re playing alone or your team doesn’t have enough money. 

  • It’s pointless to have cash on hand. 

 We all want to save money, but in Warzone, it’s not a good idea. If you earn any in-game money, attempt to spend it on whatever you need as quickly as possible. When you die in the game, you lose all of your money. Furthermore, even if you win in the gulag, you will not get any compensation. So, instead of hoarding your money, spend it on the finest things you can find. 

  • Don’t use the same weapons as before. 

Thankfully, Warzone allows participants to utilize two weapons. As a result, attempt to plan ahead while making decisions. Ascertain that the two weapons belong to distinct weapon classes. Also, if you’re playing with others, make sure you pick weapons that compliment one other. You don’t want to use the same gun all the time, since this will limit your ability to adapt to different circumstances in the game. Make certain you have one long-range and one short-range weapon. You may also vary your ammunition with such a technique. 

In Warzone, there are a lot of items to purchase, but not all of them are essential. Also, since your budget may be limited, it’s better to prioritize the most essential items and leave the rest. UAV will cost $4000, Self-Revive Kit will cost $4500, Cluster Strike will cost $3000, Munitions Box will cost $5000, Squad Buyback will cost $4500 per squad member, and Loadout Drop Market will cost $6000. You can also get the Precision Airstrike if you have an additional $3500. 


  • Use the Warzone Ping System to communicate with the enemy. 

This method guarantees that you and your colleagues can communicate easily. Please don’t dismiss it. You may inform them about your intentions, as well as where your opponents are and what weapons you need or want to provide them. There are a plethora of things to convey in order to improve your performance. As a result, make frequent use of it. 

If at all feasible, get as many as you can and utilize them as needed. In Warzone, UAVs act as your eyes. This item will assist you in locating the enemy on Verdansk. As a result, you and your friends may summon three of them at the same time to find all of the opponents. However, keep in mind that they don’t endure long. As a result, make the most of the data. 


Even if this is your first time playing Warzone, the ten suggestions listed above will help you improve your game. So, master them and use them in the next fight. However, you must not jeopardize the quality of your weapons; they are vital. 

The cod mobile battle royale tips 2021 is a list of 10 tips for beginners. These tips will help you get started with the game and have a better time playing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to get victory Royale?

The easiest way to get victory royale is to play as a team.

How do you beat Battle Royale easily?

This is a tough question to answer. There are many different ways to beat Battle Royale easily. Some people might say that the best way is to find and kill the final boss, but this strategy has its risks as well.

What is the best Battle Royale game for beginners?

I am not sure if you are asking about the game itself, or if you are asking me what is the best Battle Royale game for beginners.

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