The FNaF Security Breach True Canon Ending Explained & FAQ

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We’re here to explain the ending of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3. The game features a total overhaul in terms of gameplay, but also introduces a new antagonist which is widely regarded as one of the best horror antagonists ever seen in gaming.

The “fnaf security breach canon ending” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to the question is that there was never an official canon ending, and instead it was up to the individual fan-made stories to write their own endings.

We go through how to acquire each of the endings and a brief explanation of what each of the endings represent in our Ending’s Guide (and game guide). We’ll get much further into the significance of the endings in this post, as well as what it implies for the Five Nights at Freddy’s series and the greater backstory explanation.

Please visit our Endings Walkthrough and general Game Tips / Walkthrough Guide for a short review of the endings and how to acquire them.

There will be a lot of spoilers after this.

Recognizing Vanessa’s Position as a Reluctant Follower

Vanessa is the first Human character in FNaF who can jumpscare a player, as well as the first Human we deal with directly who isn’t an echo, spirit, soul, or another cryptid from the wide range of cryptids to choose from. The CDs discovered after the security breach, as well as Help Wanted’s VHS tapes, depict the narrative of Vanny piecing together the VHS tapes containing Glitchtrap and getting infected with the Glitchtrap virus, essentially turning her into a puppet of William Afton.


What is the true Canon Ending of the FNAF Security Breach?

Bonnie is the costume in which William Afton, the series’ perennial villain, is confined. Springtrap becomes Scraptrap / Burntrap, and that outfit becomes Scraptrap / Burntrap.

It’s probably simpler to simply name it Afton.

Gregory descends the ancient elevator inside the pizzeria shown in FNAF Help Wanted, after activating some generators outside, in the canon ending.

Gregory now sinks much farther towards the room’s core. Freddy informs Gregory on the way down that here is where Vanny abducted Freddy and the other animatronics.

This is currently where they battle against “Burntrap,” or the ruins of Springtrap, as the community has dubbed it. After Springtrap has been sufficiently burnt, the Freddy Amalgam comes to transport Springtrap, and you witness the Pizzaplex burn down, followed by Gregory and Freddy fleeing.

1639910913_654_The-FNaF-Security-Breach-True-Canon-Ending-Explained-FAQBefore they seize Burntrap, the Freddy Amalgam.

When the Freddy Amalgam (or the Blob) notices the fire, its furious hate of Afton causes it to kill him out once and for all, along with the rest of the region. As a result, Vanny’s whereabouts are unknown, and Glitchtrap is presumed to have vanquished.

You’ll see an actual 3D render of Gregory and Freddy sitting on the same hill that you saw in the sketched conclusion starring Gregory, Freddy, and Vanessa in the post credits sequence.

What Happens to Vanessa in the True Ending?

Vanessa isn’t in the conventional conclusion since she’s not genuinely important to the tale; as the hesitant follower, she’s just another victim. As a result, beating Glitchtrap and fleeing with Vanessa is a possibility but not a canon conclusion.

Why isn’t the Canon Ending Defeating Glitchtrap (the 3 Star ending)?

Because overcoming Glitchtrap will not address the problem of the live Afton trapped inside Burntrap. Through the arcade games and Vanessa, you simply overcome his ability to infect the Pizzaplex. This does not imply that you must solve for Afton in its entirety. Because Vanessa’s whereabouts are unclear, this is also a better conclusion.

The Lore’s Endings and Their Overall Impact

Departure (Via Main Entrance or Loading Docks)

There are two endings in which you must leave. The first option is to just depart at 6 a.m., which will result in Gregory getting caught by Vanny later. Freddy and Gregory escape in a vehicle together in the alternate ending, with Freddy getting recharged.

Vanny’s rescue

You’ve largely defeated Glitchtrap’s control over the Pizzaplex if you rescue Vanny, but Glitchtrap can move between Burntrap and Glitchtrap, so you haven’t solved anything there. There’s a photo at the conclusion, but no mention of what happens to the Pizzaplex itself.

Because Freddy’s body is destroyed, this is inferior to the True Ending.

Getting the upper hand on Vanny

Nothing will stop the Pizzaplex from continuing if you beat Vanny. This is also a very depressing conclusion since it leaves Gregory with very little of Freddy.

Theories about DLC

Future DLC, in my view, will most likely not change the endings, with the exception of perhaps adding new ones that are better fleshed out. The issue is that in order for the game’s DLC to feature the Pizzaplex, the Pizzaplex must be active. After that, I’d expect any DLC to open locations that are now shut off in the game and allow for more missions, most likely after you’ve unlocked a couple of the characters.

Both the genuine canon ending and the Glitchtrap defeating ending leave the door open for the opposite to continue in some fashion (Afton always returns after all). There’s also the Freddy Amalgam to deal with, which could make for a fascinating DLC.

With that, I hope you found this essay informative and useful in determining the real outcome of the FNAF Security Breach.

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The “fnaf security breach hero ending” is a fan theory that was made by the creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Scott Cawthon. The “fnaf security breach hero ending” is now true canon as it was officially confirmed on October 31st, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the true ending in FNAF security breach?

A: The true ending in FNAF is unlocked after completing the 5th night and finishing off all of them.

How many endings are in five nights at Freddys security breach?

A: There are five individual endings and one final boss battle.

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