The Best Accessories For Your Party

Video games are a big part of our culture, and they have been for decades. Some people are more into playing games than others, but all parties should be able to enjoy the experience.

The cool things for house parties is a list of the best accessories to have at your party. It includes everything from cool glasses to fun games.

JRPGs have always been known for their accessories. And the Final Fantasy franchise is no different.

Their primary function is to improve the characteristics of your party members while also delivering helpful and sometimes unique effects.

They’re excellent for preparing your party for future bosses, as well as setting up crazy cheese strats if you’re feeling especially wicked.

Final Fantasy X-2 comes with a plethora of extras. You can turn YRP into a collective killing machine with the proper ones.


Speed Bracer (15.)

Marriage Questline Screenshot in FFX-2 HD

In any game, but particularly in JRPGs, speed is a significant asset since it allows you to fire off numerous strikes before your opponents even realize what’s going on.

You’ll be able to harness your inner Chocobo by traveling as swiftly as the wind if you have the Speed Bracer.

When you equip this on a character, they will get Auto-Haste.

It also enables you to cast Hastega on your first turn, allowing you to quickly speed up the rest of your squad.

How to get it: Complete the Calm Lands’ Marriage quest and look for it in a treasure box in Via Infinito.


14. Perfume with a Strong Aroma

Chateau Leblanc Duty Calls in FFX-2 HD

This one allows you to play out whatever wish you have to be Leblanc.

While it does not give any game-changing enhancements, it does bring minor improvements to a variety of metrics.

This equips you with HP & MP Stroll (recover HP/MP when strolling) and a minor increase to Magic, MP, Defense, Magic Defense, Agility, and Luck.

How to get it: On your second try, complete the Chateau Leblanc Duty Calls side quest.


13. Bracelet of Defense

Yuna in Calm Lands in FFX-2 HD

With this one, “taking less damage” is the name of the game.

Some of the game’s top-tier bosses are very powerful. So you’ll need all the defense you can muster.

During combat, the Defense Bracer grants you the Auto-Protect and Auto-Shell state.

How to get it: Found in a treasure box in Chapter 5’s Calm Lands.


Charm Bracelet No. 12

Open Air Inc buying Charm Bangle / FFX-2 HD

This one is for people who think random fights are a waste of time, or who wish to add a little more difficulty to this game.

With this Charm Bangle on your person, you’ll be able to move about freely throughout the game while avoiding any chance encounters.

How to get it: Purchase 500 credits from Open Air Inc.


11. Business

Pushing Tobli into the elevator in FFX-2

Having a lot of HP is almost always a safe bet for not dying.

Fortunately, Final Fantasy X-2 has an item that allows you to have as much HP as you desire.

When you equip the Enterprise, you may exceed your maximum HP limit of 9999, allowing you to be as hefty as humanly feasible.

How to get it: First, skip Chapter 1’s Moonflow mission. Then, after Tobli has boarded your aircraft, you must force him and the musicians into the elevator in Chapter 2.


Bracelet for Lure

Bikanel Battle with Logos / FFX-2 HD

If the thought of avoiding enemy confrontations makes you cringe, then this is the game for you.

The Lure Bracer increases the frequency of random fights dramatically, which is great for EXP grinding.

If you equip this at the Thunder Plains’ hidden cave, you’ll never have to worry about being underleveled again.

Where to get it: In the second chapter of Bikanel, Logos abandons him.


9. Death Shock

Ifrit Battle in Fiend Arena / FFX-2 HD

It’s enjoyable to kill opponents.

It’s much more enjoyable to kill opponents with a single hit.

Deathtouch is granted by the Mortal Shock item, which adds the Instant Death status effect to all of your strikes.

If your character has any AOE abilities, such as Trigger Happy, having this equipped transforms them into a death machine.

Where to get it: For 12,000 credits, purchase from Open Air Inc. Ifrit also dropped it in the Fiend Arena.


Adamantite (number 8)

Gunners Gauntlet Screenshot from FFX-2 HD

The Adamantite is essentially a more powerful version of the Defense Bracer.

It also has the potential to make your characters unkillable.

This grants you the Auto-Wall ability, as well as doubling your Max HP and increasing your Defense and Magic Defense by 100.

The only drawback is that it reduces your Agility by 30 percent, making you as sluggish as a turtle.

Still, taking almost no damage isn’t a terrible deal.

Complete Machina Panzer’s Fiend Tale or get 2800+ points in the Gunner’s Gauntlet minigame to get it.


Ragnarok is the seventh installment in the series.

Miihen Highroad Mystery in FFX-2 HD

Now we’re coming to the accessories that are on the verge of wrecking the game.

Once you start dealing with high-end magic strikes, MP becomes a valuable commodity for your magic casters — but that’s no longer the case with Ragnarok.

With this equipped, all MP costs are reduced to nothing, enabling you to spam Curaga at will or completely destroy your opponents with Ultima.

How to get it: During the Mi’ihen Highroad Mystery event, choose to blame Rikku.


6. Nip for cats

Cloister battle in Via Infinito / FFX-2 HD

Depending on whatever version of the game you’re playing, the sheer strength of this item varies.

While you’re at critical HP, every one of your strikes does 9999 damage in the original PS2 edition.

The most well-known method to take advantage of this is to use the Trigger Happy ability to inflict massive amounts of damage and finish most fights in a single hit.

The Cat Nip, on the other hand, was severely nerfed in the HD and International editions. As a result, it now now grants you the Berserk and Slow statuses, making it difficult to use any kind of cheese strategy.

How to get it: look for it at Via Infinito’s Cloister 40.


5. Unstoppable

Yuna in Kilika in FFX-2 HD

This item was created with one goal in mind:

Allowing you to inflict the most amount of harm feasible.

It enables you to breach the 9999 damage cap by equipping it.

Once that’s done, you may use strikes like Ultima to do some significant damage.

How to get it: During chapters 1, 3, and 5, speak with the Kilika cameraman.


Iron Duke is number four.

Trema in FFX-2 HD

Simply stated, this is the game’s greatest stat-boosting item.

The only caveat is that it gets a bit redundant by the time you receive it.

The Iron Duke doubles your maximum HP and MP, boosts Agility by ten percent, Luck by fifty percent, and everything else by one hundred percent.

How to get it: In Via Infinito, defeat Trema.


3. Ribbon

Plate Puzzle area in Bevelle Underground

Anyone who has played any of the previous Final Fantasy games will be familiar with this item.

Ribbons are a series classic, and owing to their versatility, are often regarded as one of the finest accessories in any game.

In Final Fantasy X-2, equipping the Ribbon protects you from virtually all status effects, making monsters like Malboros a breeze to defeat.

How to get it: In the Bevelle Underground, solve the Plate Puzzle.


2. AP Egg

FFX-2 HD / Playing Blitzball for AP Egg

If you want to make the most of the game’s numerous Dressphere powers, you’ll need to equip one of them to your characters.

The AP Egg triples AP growth, making maxing up your Dresspheres a breeze.

How to get it: it’s a Blitzball tournament prize.


1. The Secret to Success

Garik Ronso in FFX-2

This is the granddaddy of all accessories, with a range of crazy boosts and multipliers.

After a fight, Key to Success doubles all EXP, AP, Gil, and equipment earned, making grinding for anything you need much simpler.

The best part is that the AP Egg combines with the AP Growth, giving you an x6 boost for AP growth!

It also increases the effectiveness of all recovery and attack items by a factor of two, as well as doubling your Max HP and MP and adding 100 to your Luck stat.

Completing Moonflow Chapter 3 without murdering Garik is the only way to get it.

The party must haves are a list of the best accessories for your party. These include things like tableware, games, and decorations.

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