Purveyor Needs 100 Legendary Modules, 500 Vault Steels Stocked

The Purveyor is a new game that has recently launched on the Steam platform. It is an open-world sandbox RPG where players can create their own character and adventure across the land of Elona. The game was released with only three legendary modules, but the developers are looking to add more in the future.

The how to use legendary modules is a guide that explains how to use the Legendary Modules in Purveyor.

Modules - Purveyor Needs 100 Legendary Modules, 500 Vault Steels Stocked

My dreadful infographic abilities


The Purveyor only carries 500 Scrip worth of Legendary Modules and 50 Scrip worth of Vault Steel at a time, despite the fact that we may carry a maximum of 5,000 Legendary Scrip at a time.

  • x10 Legendary Modules (each worth 50 Scrip)
  • Vault Steel (each worth ten scrip) x5

The Purveyor’s inventory does not update every time you open the trade window, unlike Gold Bullion Vendors. Instead, she is set to update her inventory every server hop or after three in-game days.

There isn’t enough Vault Steel in the Purveyor’s inventory to make a single Strangler Heart PA component. If a player wishes to buy the remainder of the Vault Steel (which can only be obtained through mole mother), they will have to server hop one or more times. It’s blatantly anti-player to the point of becoming a cruel joke.

Almost every aspect of this game is intended to encourage the player to remain in one universe, yet there are a number of obstacles like these that work specifically against that system. If I jump planets, all of my workshop and public team progress is gone. Maybe a player will wish to buy at my CAMP vendor for the short time I’m there when I go to the next one. That man pulls up and is upset to see my camp has vanished.

Worst of all, frequent server switching puts additional pressure on the servers. At mole mom, the more people you have jumping worlds, the worse things become for everyone else. Why don’t we reduce that amount to zero?


To add salt to injury, fixing this problem requires just a small modification (less than 30 seconds – I spent more time composing this than it would take to create and test the change).

  1. 005380D1 is the record number for her inventory.
  2. Increase the Legendary Modules (005652F9) LVIV (count) from 10 to 100.
  3. Vault Steel (0041023DLVIV )’s (count) should be increased from 5 to 500.
  4. Congratulations, she now has enough Legendary Scrip in stock for a player with 5,000 to empty their whole wallet without having to switch servers 100 times. That’s what you force your clients to do when you use the Legendary Crafting system to prevent them from rerolling Solar or Thorn Armor.


Her inventory has never been adjusted to reflect the maximum Legendary Scrip, which is humiliating. I don’t even bother with Legendary Crafting since I don’t want to spend a half hour of my life repeatedly joining and departing planets. I don’t want to be compelled to visit the Pick once a session as a matter of course. I’d want to attend once or twice a week. Is it too much to hope for?

Because of the massive time-to-reward ratio, this should be regarded as a game-breaking problem. It should be included in the patch “We Returned the ‘Buy SCORE Rank’ Microtransactions.” If it isn’t in patch 31, then fugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg


Serverhopping 100 times would take precisely 5 HOURS, assuming each server hop run takes about 3 minutes to collect the items.

Edit 2:

In the final sentence, the language has been changed. Fast travel problems, for example, are game-breaking flaws, yet look at how long they’ve gone ignored. Those are more difficult to fix; this one isn’t, and it impacts a lot more people.

Edit 3:

Thank you for the recognition! I adore you.

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The vault steel scrap is a material that can be found in the Purveyor. It is used to craft Vault Steels, which are needed by the Purveyor in order to craft Legendary Modules.

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