Teamfight Tactics Monster Stage Guide

Teamfight Tactics is a head-to-head battle card game in which players choose a faction and then build decks that counter their opponents. In the Monster Stage, you’ll be introduced to new mechanics like board control, extra turns, and even creatures with special abilities. The guide will go over these cards so you know when they’re good options during your future matches!

The “team fight tactics comps” is a guide that will help you to find the best team comp for your monster in Teamfight Tactics. The guide includes information about each of the different team comps, how they work, and which cards are good with them.

Monster Stage Guide: Teamfight Tactics

In Teamfight Tactics, you’ll have to fight scary NPC rounds every six rounds, which feature powerful creatures that will inflict harm on you if you don’t defeat them. You’ll have a chance to drop one or more things if you slay the enemies (depending on how many monsters there is in a certain monster stage round). Each monster round has its own distinct mechanism that you must overcome in order to win. Knowing the monster mechanics lets players to better plan positions and champions, which is exactly what this Teamfight Tactics Monster Round Guide will teach you.

Monsters might be difficult to defeat, but with these tips and methods, you’ll be able to do it with ease, even with low-level champions.

Krugs’s Plan

  • Two Krugs will spawn on the left side, while a third will spawn on the right side. Killing one of the Krugs will heal the others completely, therefore it’s preferable to take them down one at a time.

To easily defeat Krugs, line up all of your champions in the right corner and kill the Krug who is alone first, before going on to the other two.

Strategy of the Wolves

  • In the centre of the screen, 1 Greater Wolf and 4 Small Wolves appear, quickly engaging their stealth mode and leaping on the distant foes (just like Assassins do).

To easily defeat Wolves, deploy your tank champions in the rear line and your squishy champions in the front line; this way, the Wolves will always leap on the tanks, while your back-line damage dealers will do damage from a safe distance.

Raptors Plan of Attack

  • In the form of an arrow, 1 Crimson Raptor and 4 Small Raptors will spawn. If you kill a Raptor, they will all get agitated, change into Crimson Raptors, and increase attack speed.

Raptors are the simplest neutral monster round to play; just place tanks in front and ranged damage dealers in the rear (which is usually what everyone positions their units as anyways, so not much repositioning to be done).

Strategy for the Infernal Dragon and the Elder Dragon

  • In the center of the map, an Infernal Dragon spawns. The Dragon is immune to active talents and provides heavy AoE damage that cleaves adjacent opponents.

To easily kill the Infernal Dragon, spread your units so that he can’t hit more than one or two with a single attack (because he cleaves, he may wipe out an entire team in a few hits if they’re gathered together). The round will be lot simpler if you scatter your troops and have effective damage dealers.

Strategy for the Rift Herald

  • Before assaulting, Rift Herald will spawn and rush towards the rear line. It’s quite tanky, so you’ll need a lot of DPS to take him down.

It is quite simple to defeat Rift Herald and kill it without difficulty. Distribute your troops and mix them up such that some tanks end up at the rear.

We hope you enjoyed our Teamfight Tactics Neutral Monster Round Guide and learned how to effectively kill Krugs, Wolves, Raptors, Infernal & Elder Drake, and Rift Herald.

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