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Malphite is a tanky top laner who’s been around since the early days of League of Legends. He’s had some pretty crazy skins throughout the years, and this list ranks his best ones in order from worst to best.

Malphite is an interesting champion. He has a lot of utility, but he also has some really cool skins. This article will rank the best ranked skins for Malphite in League of Legends.

A champion’s ult is intended to represent the peak of their strength in League of Legends.

Maybe they’ll transport you into their realm and give you a hard time, or they’ll launch a massive rocket from across the globe.

Or, you know, just smash into you and shatter your kneecaps with their position as a rock.

Despite the fact that Malphite’s ult is eternal, his aesthetics are not.

Let’s take a look at all of Malphite’s skins to see which ones provide the greatest bang for your money in order to dress up your beloved pet rock.


Malphite Malphite Malphite Malphite Malphite Mal

Riot Games is responsible for this image.

Date of Publication: March 26th, 2020 1350 RP is the price.

I have to be honest with you: this skin was a huge letdown.

The entire point of Malphite is that you’re a huge immovable rock that wants to yeet yourself into the backline of an unsuspecting opponent.

But suddenly this skin appears, hollowing you out and leaving you with a star as your center.

It’s a fantastic concept. However, it does not feel right for the champion.

Not Syndra’s ornate vase, but Dwayne Jonson. And I voiced all of these criticisms while my passive, which is the more pleasant of the two types, was still active.

Don’t get me wrong: the animations are all very well-made and snappy. The skin also has all of the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a high-end skin.

But I’m not spending this much money to pretend to be a different champion. Let’s not even talk about the Prestige edition.


Malphite Malphite Malphite Malphite Malphit

Marble Malphite Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Released on March 21st, 2011 with a retail price of 520 RP

This is one of those skins that isn’t really a skin at all.

Given how inexpensive it is, it’s understandable that it wouldn’t alter much.

This, on the other hand, is a little absurd.

The entire skin thing comes down to “you’ve become white and some of your bodily parts aren’t linked anymore, haha.”

They also did that strange thing where they color-corrected his Q to a proper white hue, but didn’t do the same for his E, which now looks a little strange.

I don’t think I’d purchase it since the splash art is a little shabby and the skin isn’t very memorable.

If I found it in a chest, I may utilize it, but that’s about it.


Malphite (Odyssey) 9

Odyssey Malphite Skin Splash Art / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Date of Publication: September 12th, 2018 1350 RP is the price.

It hurts me a lot to have this skin at such a low level. However, I must confront the realities.

This skin is really A-tier when the shield is activated.

You can know you’re playing a space behemoth just by looking at the game. And the background animation brings the skin to life.

The animations are also excellent, with the W motion, which now gives Malphite some brass knuckles, standing out.

However, once your shield is shattered, it’s all downhill from there.

An unprotected Malphite resembles a gigantic slug from outer space.

It rips away all sense of badassery and significantly nerfs the whole skin.

If you can get beyond the slug factor, or if you play so cautiously that you constantly have your shield up, this skin is worth considering.

Let’s keep searching if it doesn’t work out.


Malphite Malphite Malphite Malphite Malphite Mal

Coral Reef Malphite Skin Splash Art / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 8th of November, 2010 was the date of release. The cost is 750 RP.

In general, Coral Reef Malphite is satisfactory.

The splash graphics may be a little antiquated, but the in-game model is still functional. At the very least, as good as a Malphite skin can withstand in the first place.

With various sorts of corals sprouting on your body and the color purple dominating throughout, the character model is pretty consistent and straight to the point.

The abilities have been tweaked somewhat, with a purple recolor for the Q and W animations and a splash effect for the E.

The new W is a little difficult to see, but I believe the E splash balances it out, making it average all around.

Yes, this is one of the less expensive skins, but it doesn’t add anything to the table.


7. Malphite Mecha

Mecha Malphite Skin Splash Art / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Date of Publication: July 23rd, 2014 1350 RP is the price.

This skin has a lot of great features, but I think it could have done a lot more.

The animations are incredible. Your W gives you some very powerful holographic knuckles, your E is lovely and high-tech, and your ult finally makes sense, as actual jets shoot out of your back and propel you forward.

Having said that, the skin does not seem to be very robotic in my view.

In fact, the design seems more like a toy than a real big robot to me.

It saddens me to say this, particularly because the skin has a Gurren Lagann-themed background animation. However, there is a less popular skin that does a better job with the robotic concept and costs less.


Malphite, Ironside

Ironside Malphite Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On the 7th of October, 2015, the film was released. The price is 975 RP.

This skin accomplishes the “robot” idea better than Mecha Malphite, despite the fact that it is clearly not as showy or detailed.

Mind you, this isn’t a very smart robot… Rather, it seems like a jumble of garbage that was miraculously put together flawlessly.

Even though it’s the same size as the others, the base model seems to be enormous. Malphite seems to be a greater danger as a result of the more rough approach.

The animations in this game aren’t very impressive. But they do honor to the skin, which is all that counts.

All of this, plus some very amazing splash art, looks like a fairly good bargain to me for just 975 RP.


5. Malphite Shamrock

Shamrock Malphite Skin Splash Art / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 16th of March, 2010 was the day on which the film was released. The cost is 520 RP.

I was really contemplating making this man the meme’s number one – but meme potential has its limitations.

If you’ve ever played League of Legends, you’ll know that this skin is legendary in the sense that it’s so terrible that it’s really great.

Shamrock Malphite is simply kind of enjoyable in a very dumb manner, from cosplaying grass by staying motionless to gazing at the falling broccoli as your shield is shattered.

Choosing this skin sends out a message that says, “I’m here to have a good time and/or troll.”

I have to appreciate the skin since it represents a large portion of the League of Legends community.

The fact that it also has antique Malphite is the icing on the cake.


4. Malphite from the ice age

Glacial Malphite Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 11th of July, 2012, was the day on which the film was released. 1350 RP is the price.

The skins that follow #1 are all very good in their own right, and their positions on this list are relatively interchangeable.

So, if you want to rearrange any of them in your mind, go ahead and do so.

But first, there’s Glacial Malphite, a game with a basic premise but a great design.

You’re simply a colossal chunk of ice scouring the Rift for that one Squirrel from Ice Age.

Your famous Q cheese wheel has been totally redesigned and transformed into a seeking ice spike projectile, while your E and R now have a freeze visual effect when used.

The armor, as well as the fact that one of your arms is an ice spike, add to the flavor of an already fantastic skin.


3. Malphite FPX

FPX Malphite Skin Splash Art / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On April 30th, 2020, the film will be released. 1350 RP is the price.

I’m not a big fan of Championship skins in general. This one, on the other hand, really blew me away.

I never expected to claim that a Malphite’s skin has Endeavor energy, but it does.

With this one, the red and yellow color scheme is extremely prominent. And all of the abilities have been recolored to match, resulting in a flaming display.

However, the background animation is, ironically, my favorite element of the whole skin.

I feel like every back is a triumph since he begins dancing so hard with cheers in the background and a theatrical stance at the finish.

As a result, the skin not only features badass aspects, but also a morale boost, which is crucial in a League game.


2. Malphite Obsidian

Obsidian Malphite Skin Splash Art / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 15th of August, 2011 was the date of release. The price is 975 RP.

I honestly believed that no other skin could ever compare to this one.

It’s so basic, but so well-executed, that it nearly makes you forget how much Malphite needs a VGU.

Malphite is transformed into a molten rock with a hard black exterior layer and some red-hot inside.

This is one of the rare instances where breaking his passive makes sense, since it just exposes the hot stone until it cools and returns to black.

Your E also releases part of the molten energy, causing the opponent to suffer severe burns.

Obsidian Malphite is the ideal complement, providing just enough to make the motif apparent without being overpowering.

Then there’s my top choice, which is on the other end of the spectrum:


1. Malphite, the Old God

Old God Malphite Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The film will be released on August 12th, 2021. 1350 RP is the price.

I didn’t have great expectations for this one, given how badly Dark Star failed in my opinion.

But it’s badass, oh my lord.

This skin transforms our local rocker, Malphite, into a demon that would torment my sleep paralysis demons.

With bones and raven feathers as far as the eye can view, the basic model is just stunning. The Riot design team also made some bold moves with the animations, with the W giving you Wolverine claws and the E giving you a creepy bat visual effect.

The ult, on the other hand, needs to be the crowning gem. After all, it’s what makes Malphite who he is.

A sequence of bones rise out from wherever you landed your ult, much like a fast Cho’gath Q, in the ult animation.

This just makes the R seem even more powerful than it did before, which is quite an accomplishment given the champion in question.

Note that this material was produced utilizing Riot Games’ “Legal Jibber Jabber” policy and Riot Games’ assets. This project is neither endorsed or sponsored by Riot Games.

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