How to find and help Pick Rexly in Deathloop

Find the Pick Rexly in Deathloop game and help him find his way out of this maze.

Pick Rexly is a character that is in the game called Deathloop. The player can find him and help him throughout the game. Read more in detail here: death loop.

Pick Rexly is a minor character in Deathloop, although that isn’t what distinguishes her. Her narrative is little in comparison to the rest of the game, but it’s one you’ll want to finish if you want to grasp the larger picture on Blackreef. This tutorial will show you how to locate Pick Rexly and what you can do to assist her.

Please note that in order to locate Pick Rexly, you must have completed either the spy bunker or the pack of smoke missions. You won’t be able to enter Karl’s Bay via the window if you haven’t finished either of them.

Step 1: Look for Pick Rexly.

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Pick Rexly may be seen at Karl’s Bay in the afternoon. Take the left-hand tunnel and ascend into the Gardens of Perception. You’ll have to deal with a few Eternalists here, but if you make a racket with a pistol, no one else will flee.

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Look to the right of this location after the Eternalists are killed. As you enter the Gardens of Perception, you’ll see an apartment complex on your right. On the first level, you should be able to see a window that is now open. Climb the ladder and enter, but beware of the laser trap. Disable it, then go closer to the door so you’re not right in front of it when it opens.

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If you step in front of the lasers on this door, a machine behind it will detect you. If you do that, the lock on the other door inside the flat will be fried. For the time being, it doesn’t matter, so walk inside and have a look around. There should be a notice in the room stating that this NPC keeps track of every loop. They’re living Colt’s life, and they despise it. For the time being, leave Karl’s Bay and return later.

Step 2: That nightfall, return to Karl’s Bay.

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In the evening, return to Karl’s Bay and find your way back to the window and the apartment. There’s a fresh message beneath the door, even if you can’t see anybody. Pick it up and read it to find out who the author is and how they feel about the never-ending loop they’re stuck in. The letter also includes the door code, allowing you to finally meet Pick and assist her.

Step 3: Pay a last visit to the unit.

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The following day, return to Karl’s Bay and repeat the procedure to get access to the apartment. You may easily enter the apartment without activating the mechanism that fries the lock if you utilize the Aether or Shift Slabs. Some gamers have also claimed that putting a grenade inside the machine would deactivate it just as well.

You’ll eventually meet Pick if you use the code (ours was 6226) on the lock. She claims to think that if Colt kills her, she will be out of the loop. This leaves you with a decision to make. You have two options: murder her or flee. If you leave, she’ll kill herself, thus the result is the same, but the connotation may be much more serious than you know.

The door to where Pick dies is always open when you return to the apartment in subsequent loops. There’s no indication she’s there, which means she either commits herself every afternoon or has been cut out of the loop, exactly as she suspected. You won’t find an answer elsewhere in the room, so you’ll have to wait for the remainder of the game to figure out what happened to Pick.

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