Back 4 Blood Doc guide – best cards, tips and tricks

This is a guide for all those who are looking to get the most out of their games. It will cover tips and tricks, as well as card combos that you can use in your next game.

The back for blood release date is the day when the game was released.

In Back 4 Blood, Jim is one of the Cleaners or playable characters. She, like the sniper Jim, will not be there when the game begins. Instead, once you’ve completed The Devil’s Return in campaign mode, she’ll be unlocked along with a few other characters. In Back 4 Blood, here’s our guide to the finest weapons, cards, and advice for Doc.

Playing style and abilities

If you choose Doc in your Back 4 Blood missions, you’ll get the following bonuses by default:

  • Field Medic – Once each level, may administer field dressings to each teammate, healing them for 25 HP.
  • +30% healing efficiency with a skilled physician.
  • Triage – +25% trauma resistance in the squad.
  • Bandage – Each quest begins with a bandage.

In Back 4 Blood, you know she’s your team’s healing specialist with a moniker like Doc. She may still use whatever weapon she wants. It’s simply that her benefits are mainly focused on maintaining your squad in peak shape.

Even though you can only use Field Medic once each level, it’s still useful since it’s like having a free health pack for each buddy. Meanwhile, Skilled Physician makes certain that each item she utilizes has a higher level of repair. Finally, triage is an excellent way to avoid the crippling consequences of trauma.

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Doc’s best cards

Doc’s strongest cards in Back 4 Blood are ones that offer extra boosts and procs while she’s healing or resurrecting, thanks to her powers. Still, don’t forget to include certain essentials and useful items:

  • Medical Professional – First aid kits and defibrilators restore 15 trauma damage and 1 more life.
  • When you utilize a medical accessory, you get +15 percent healing efficiency and +15 percent movement speed for 15 seconds.
  • Screwdriver – increased usage speed by 50% and stamina by 10%.
  • Antibiotic Ointment has a healing effectiveness of 20%.
  • Support Scavenger – Detect adjacent support accessories and more will appear.
  • Miraculous Recovery – When you utilize a medical accessory, it has a 25% chance of increasing the impact by 100%.
  • Combat Medic – Increases usage speed by 50% and heals allies for an extra 20 health when they are revived.
  • Healing a teammate also provides 50% of the benefit to you, thanks to Charitable Soul.
  • Second Chance – +1 more life and +5 additional health.
  • enthralling speech (great but it gimps your offensive capabilities) – Increased revive speed by 225 percent; decreased incapacitation trauma by 20%; offensive accessories are disabled (i.e., grenades and molotovs).
  • When you utilize a medical item, all of your teammates get +5 health.
  • Poultice – The target heals for an extra 20 health over 30 seconds when you use a medical item.
  • When you or a teammate is incapacitated, all teammates recover for 25 health over the course of 20 seconds.
  • Avenge the Fallen – For 10 seconds, when you or a teammate is disabled, all teammates receive +30% damage, +20% reload speed, and limitless ammunition.
  • Down in Front – You do not absorb or inflict friendly fire damage while crouching; +10 health.
  • Multi-tooling (optional but not advisable) – Increased use speed by 75% and reduced damage resistance by 5%.
  • Field Surgeon (only take this if you already have other cards that speed up item usage) – 60 percent healing effectiveness; -50 percent speed of usage

We’ve included more than 15 suitable cards for Doc in Back 4 Blood, as you can see. These are the ones that provide you a lot of perks if you support the whole team. Those that can enhance her healing and resurrecting powers will, of course, take precedence. Finally, if the Team Support Item Upgrade option becomes available in the vendor crate in the safe house, attempt it.

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