Acceleration in Metroid Dread and how to complete it 100%

Metroid Dread is a 2D platformer game that has been released for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was originally released in Japan on December 15, 2013, and was later released worldwide on September 1, 2014. This guide will show you how to complete the game 100% without dying or using any continues.

The metroid dread walkthrough is a video game that has been released for the Nintendo Wii. In the game, players must complete a 100% completion in order to get all of the endings.

Burenia will be the seventh section of Metroid Dread’s history that we shall face. We will tell you how to complete each region as you go through this guide, as well as when you may return to any location to complete it fully.

We acquired new powers after further researching Dairon in the previous chapter. This has brought us to a gondola, which will enable us to explore this new ZDR area. Turn left and slowly down the walls to avoid the sucking creatures. When the fan prevents you from continuing, shatter the floor on the right side.

You’ll come to a flooded region from here. Samus cannot utilize the wall jump when underwater, although he may use the Arachnoiman. Descend until you can turn left, then kill the creatures and climb the blue wall to your right. You may turn left and continue from there. Proceed to the Communication Module using the only route available. Continue west.

You’ll run across a massive insect that shoots forth swarms of creatures. As soon as the creature produces the light, use the kickback immediately on it since the attack will do a lot of damage.


After that, walk down and utilize the blue plates to cross to the next chamber by killing additional cave creatures. You must tie yourself to the ceiling once again after removing a monster. Make careful to shoot from the far right of the blue roof to save time.


This will enable you to reach Missile Tank # 11 by climbing up the chute above.


Return to the river, turn right, and begin descending into the tunnels. You won’t be able to unlock the yellow plate door or use the energy tank you’ll see along the road. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything afterwards. While going down, there is a room on the left where you may save the game if you wish to.

Continue to descend until you reach a flooded region. When you’re at this moment, just after diving, be very cautious:


To land on the platform that houses the # 12 missile tank, which is also a + tank, you must descend cautiously and little to the left of the edge.


Go to the bottom of the stairs, up the right wall, change rooms, and ignore the door that leads to the left. Instead, climb higher and you’ll come upon a destructible spot on the left side; walk out there and climb a blue wall. Ignore the first door on the right and go all the way to the top. When you cross it, you’ll receive Sudden Boost instantly.

When you walk on the yellow ground, your new ability will enable you to pass the places were the doors were closed. Simply keep button A pushed before entering the yellow zone, wait for it to load, then point towards the door to pass through without it shutting.


We’re going to retrace our steps. Do you recall the power tank from a few days ago? It’s the third power tank. To grab it, you must stand exactly on the edge of the earth, where the falling pieces begin. Then, while leaping to the right, charge up Sudden Boost and use it. You may acquire the collectable by climbing the blue wall.


To continue, use the top left corner of the room’s exit. You’ll need a blue crane and the Sudden Boost to complete it. You’ll get to a point when the chamber is completely flooded with water. Destruction of cracks in the bottom left and lower right corners will cause it to fall (place a bomb in the hole in the lower right corner to reach the weak point). Returning to this identical area will enable you to access a door that will transfer you to Dairon once again. For the time being, we will not shift zones, but keep in mind that the location is the less desirable mode of transportation.

Return to the previous chamber and continue climbing until you reach the place where we observed a fan and a power module that couldn’t be accessed because of the current. You may get to the third energy module by using the Sudden Boost. Some argue that the Acceleration is required; however, in our situation, it was not required; nevertheless, bear this in mind if it is not feasible to take it for whatever reason.


However, in order to progress, we’ll need that other talent we stated before. Let’s go for the Acceleration by using the lesser transit to Dairon.

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that is formed by braiding hair. In the Metroid series, there is an item called a Dreadlock which is used to make the player’s character look more menacing. The how are dreadlocks formed blog post will discuss how this hairstyle came about and show you how to complete it 100%.

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