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The best-selling Warhammer: Vermintide Game Guide is a guide for the game’s three campaigns. The Definitive Edition of this title comes with all content from previous expansions, new maps and an updated look at the game in its second edition release.

The “hedgewars” is a popular hedge-based strategy game. It’s a turn-based, multiplayer war game that can be played in single player or on the internet. The goal of the game is to destroy your opponent’s hedge before they destroy yours.

Hello there, so you’d want to utilize SotT’s hedges, eh? Have you had enough of bombing elites and monsters? I’m in the same boat. I like the notion of hedges, but many people treat them as if they were other items. This, along with the fact that you can’t actually strike through it unless you have a long-reaching weapon, has a lot of folks on the opposing side of the SotT wishing she’d just stop using that goddamn talent.

I believe, though, that the hedges (at least the poison thicket) may be highly effective. Huntersman is a fairly wonderful job, as others on this sub have made me painfully, relentlessly aware. It simply takes practice and some tech expertise. I don’t think the hedges are any different.

So, in the aim of weaning folks off of bloodrazor and teaching them how to utilize hedges successfully, I’d want to give some introductory tech on how to do so. They won’t be game-changing on a bloodbath scale, but I feel they’ll be a lot of fun and lead to some fascinating scenarios.

Before we begin, you should be aware that by holding down the skill button while pressing attack, you may shift the hedges’ orientation from perpendicular to parallel to your perspective. Let’s get this party started.

ZTBjQej - Some SotT hedge tech.

The Hallway of Death: This is only achievable if both your radiance and career bars are full (or if you have a conc. potion), but it’s still fun. Place both bushes parallel to you, with a space between them, so you can see and attack between them. This is a fantastic combination, particularly when used with OE. It’s like being a fish in a barrel. The horde is then attacked by one hedge as it expires, and just as they are ready to stand up, they are hit by the second bush. You now have an additional 20% damage and they’re all knocked down, making it simple to mop up those you didn’t kill.

I also said that you can only do this if you had more than one use of the talent, but this isn’t exactly accurate; you can lay the hedge parallel in a medium-sized corridor and have a horde on the floor in six seconds. However, the hallway as a whole is much better.

NeEVJg6 - Some SotT hedge tech.

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a tiny doorway? You rat bastard, don’t dare to plant a hedge perpendicular; instead, plant it parallel. It will strike more foes as it expires, causing greater damage and more rats on the floor. Plus, depending on the size of the opening, you may be able to attack adversaries on both sides.

A82Yqfq - Some SotT hedge tech.

Covering up! Do you believe that hedges are worthless in open spaces? Reconsider your position! Okay, so this one necessitates the use of a wall, so it’s not fully open, but still. Have a horde on your tail and want to channel them so you don’t have to travel more ground than necessary? Place a hedge perpendicular to the wall and make sure there is no gap between them (sacrificing a little length is ok if you are in a hurry), then stand against the wall and close to the hedge, you can still attack those going around the hedge, but in a smaller area, and ranged classes can shoot at a better target without worrying about hitting you, or tank classes can hit the horde with full visibility while you aid them. You now deal even more harm when it expires. It also defends against gattling rats.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of available technology, but I believe these three will go a long way toward making hedges more practical and less irritating to your team. Hedgies, best of luck.

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The “hedgewars browser” is a browser that allows players to play the popular game, “Hedgewars”. The browser is not the only way to play this game, but it is an easy way for people who don’t want to download the software.

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