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When you first start playing, you’ll think that it’s just one of those games where the player has to do everything. That is until your little sheep starts taking orders from other animals and there are no longer any “right” way to play. The game’s surprises keep coming at a fast pace as players find themselves making choices every few seconds whether they like them or not.

The “lamb trailer” is a game that was released on the Google Play Store. It’s a simple game about sheep, but it’s surprisingly addicting.

Metroidvania games are well-known for requiring you to grind your way through opponents, room by room, in the hopes of finding some safety. Take games like Castlevania or Metroid, the genre’s namesake, where there are only a few safe zones scattered over a whole territory. Left, right, and center, there are enemies. Sheepo, a fresh new indie game that sprang out of nowhere, tries to buck the trend by inverting your expectations and producing something entirely unique, all while remaining in the same genre and aesthetic.

At times, simple may be lovely.

Sheepo is essentially Super Metroid reimagined as a “rescue the animals” game. It would also be better if it was a little less violent. The plot revolves on the titular character, Sheepo, arriving on an undiscovered planet and collecting an egg from each of the planet’s species. Isn’t it simple enough? Well, it’s made even easier by the fact that, with the exception of a few bosses, there are no genuine adversaries in this game. Instead, you’ll only be able to handle a select creatures after collecting their eggs. Oh, and traps, traps, traps, traps, traps, traps, traps, traps, traps, trap


The crushinator is a machine that crushes things.

Given how many traps you’re intended to dodge and the twitch-like reflexes required to do so, Sheepo’s gameplay might sometimes remind you of Super Meat Boy, although in metroidvania form. You’ll need feathers on top of all these traps and the need to discover additional eggs to take control of a chicken or a strange bone worm snake creature. What is the significance of feathers? Of course, you need them to attend an art museum. You don’t want to be a clever sheep-like creature, do you? If you need even less of an explanation, simply consider it as part of the process of completing the game, so get over it.


Give them to the woodchipper to eat.

While Sheepo’s visuals and soundtrack are quite simple, they really contribute to the game’s appeal. Plus, the soundtrack during the few boss bouts you’ll have is really rather enjoyable, particularly because you don’t truly fight the monsters, but rather force them to fight one other. Because you’re Sheepo, you can’t attack. Now, by simple, I mean that the music consists mostly of a few notes played repeatedly, with perhaps some synth in the background. However, the music isn’t fundamentally horrible, since each tune seems like it belongs in its own category. The higher areas of the map, for example, have a more dreamy, spacey vibe to them. The subterranean, on the other hand, is a little darker and has a lower tone.


When did this place turn into a bullet-hell?

On the other side, the simplicity of the graphics is what makes Sheepo, both the game and the character, so endearing. Let me remind you that you play as a cute sheep-like creature with no arms who, after collecting its egg, transforms into a baby-like creature with a large tongue. It’s a strange, disturbing, yet adorable “thing.” The same may be said for each of the categories. The backdrop is a simple color scheme, with orange in the top parts moving to a darker sky with stars. It is more drab and brown underground. There isn’t much in the front save for some grass and a statue. The majority of the platforms you’ll come upon are basically plain black boxes. Sheepo makes up for its lack of artistic intricacy with quality and charm.

Sheepo is a brief and simple story with a beautiful ending. This game is a lot of fun, and if you’re looking for accomplishments, aiming for the “no death” speed runs may be difficult, but highly rewarding, considering how much fun the whole cycle is. While it isn’t the most classic metroidvania game, it is definitely worth a look if you’re looking for something you can finish in a single sitting.

Sheepo is about as simple as games get in 2021 in terms of graphics, but its simplicity is what makes it so appealing in the first place.

A humorous spin on metroidvania games that eliminates the option to fight in favor of reflexes and avoiding encounters.

It’s likely that a little more could have gone into the music. While pleasant and appropriate, the only time the music stood out was during boss “fights.”

I’ve already returned to this game a few of times to complete the speedrun achievements. Sheepo is a lot of fun for a fraction of the price of other games.

Final Score: 7.5

Sheepo is currently available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

On the Xbox Series X, the game was reviewed.

The publisher donated a copy of Sheepo.

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“The lamb ending explained” is a blog post that discusses the meaning of the final scene of “Sheepo.” The blog post goes over the possible interpretations and what it means for the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Lamb 2021 Rated R?

A: The rating is due to the content of this song.

What is the movie Lamb 2021 based on?

A: The movie is based on the book 1984 by George Orwell.

Is Lamb a good movie?

A: I am not able to answer that question.

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