NACON Has Revealed Cricket 22, A Brand-New Era for Cricket Games

NACON has revealed Cricket 22, a brand-new era for cricket games. The game is set to release on the App Store and Google Play in June 2018.

The cricket 21 is a game that was released in 2017. It is the latest installment of the cricket games by NACON, which is now entering its 22nd year.

Cricket 22: The Official Game of the Ashes, developed by NACON and Big Ant Studios, will be released later this year. The game is a genuine next-generation effort, according to the creator, and it builds on the enormous success of Cricket 19. Cricket 22 aspires to be the most robust and comprehensive cricket game ever seen by fans.

Cricket 22 will bring the fan-favorite Ashes tournament back to life in its finest form ever, with the most licenses ever included in a game. The international battlefield includes fully licensed teams from Australia, England, the West Indies, New Zealand, and Ireland, as well as the Big Bash T20 competition in Australia, The Hundred, the hugely innovative new competition in England and Wales, the tropical party of the CPL in the Caribbean, and the international battlefield with fully licensed teams from Australia, England, the West Indies, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Check out the new trailer for Cricket 22: The Game below to discover what’s new in the game.


Ross Symons, CEO of Big Ant, stated:

The amount of cricket enthusiasts who have inquired about our intentions for next-generation cricket has been astounding. What we’re able to bring to the table with Cricket 22 excites us tremendously. This is our sixth cricket simulation game, and it is a culmination of all we’ve learnt over the last 10 years (and counting). We have some of the most ardent supporters, and we can’t wait to get these into their hands.

Russell James, the ECB’s Sales and Marketing Director, went on to say:

We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Big Ant once again for the highly anticipated Cricket 22 game. Cricket 22 offers everything a cricket fan could desire, whether it’s taking on the challenge of playing an Ashes Test or facing the greatest men’s and women’s white ball cricketers in the world in The Hundred.


Nick Hockley, CEO of Cricket Australia, added:

Cricket Australia is pleased to collaborate once again with Big Ant Studios, an Australian game company, to offer such a graphically accurate video game to our ardent fans.

“The Ashes is one of the greatest sporting rivalries in the world, and we’re excited to introduce cricket to new audiences via Cricket 22.”

The following are some of the game’s key features:

  • Cricket 22 offers streamlined, tight controls that allow you to play your finest game of cricket, whether it’s a ferocious fast bouncer or the gratifying “snap” when you throw the ball from the infield for a precise run-out.
  • A rich, story-driven career mode in which you have complete control both on and off the field. You’re in charge of your training and press conferences, as well as dealing with ailments and charting your course to international glory!
  • It’s the most approachable cricket game ever: Are you new to cricket? With a fully revamped set of lessons and a first-time user experience, Cricket 22 makes it simpler than ever to get into the game. Big Ant’s Cricket 22 is the most realistic simulation of the sport they’ve ever made, and with these lessons, you’ll be batting and bowling like a pro in no time.
  • A star-studded commentary team: Cricket 22 has Michael Atherton, Ian Healy, Mel Jones, Alison Mitchell, and David Gower, among others. Every shot will be called with more detail and insight than ever before, and there will be an all-women commentary crew for the first time in a sports game, significantly expanding the representation of women in the Cricket 22 experience.
  • Cricket 22 is the best-looking cricket game ever, taking full use of the current generation of technology. The game not only loads at breakneck speed, putting you in the middle of the action faster than ever before, but it also features a complete suite of graphic upgrades, including amazing real-time ray tracing components, making it the most visually realistic cricket game ever seen.

Cricket 22

It will be available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 25, 2021. From mid-October 2021, all pre-orders on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox will get access to Cricket 22 THE NETS CHALLENGE. Later, a definite date will be revealed. This challenge will offer players early access to some aspects of the game, such as nets and practice games. In January 2022, a Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released. Players on the PS4 and Xbox One will also get free next-gen upgrades.

Are you looking forward to playing Cricket 22 when it releases later this year? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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