Marvel Future Revolution Storm – build and skills

Marvel Future Revolution Storm is a game that was released on the PS4 and Xbox One in 2018. This game is set to be one of the biggest titles for the year, with players able to build their own superhero and fight against others in an epic adventure.

The marvel future revolution dr strange build is a character in the game Marvel Future Revolution. Dr Strange has high damage, and can use his skill to heal himself or others.

Marvel Future Revolution Storm build

Storm is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful characters in the whole Marvel world. Storm controls heat, cold, lightning, rain, wind, and probably a lot of other meteorological phenomena I’d have to study a textbook to understand. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Storm is a force to be reckoned with in every video game she’s ever appeared in, including Marvel Future Revolution. We’ll examine at the finest Marvel Future Revolution Storm build in this tutorial, including which skills and specialties to prioritize.

When it comes to crowd management, storm is the be-all and end-all. While she isn’t the greatest option for one-on-one PvP battles, no one performs a better job of cleaning up PvE thugs. Her strongest offensive moves all inflict AoE damage, while her defensive moves provide her with defensive bonuses and even invulnerability. This will be taken into account in the Marvel Future Revolution Storm build below, which will focus on her strengths.

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Marvel Future Revolution Storm build

Marvel’s Future Revolution is a sci-fi film Build a Storm

Best Storm-Building Techniques:

Electrocution by the Weather Witch Strike a single target repeatedly with strong lightning bolts.
Snowstorm Shield: Icicle Crash To become indestructible for a few seconds, create a frozen barrier, then shatter it to inflict AoE damage.
Thunder Crash is a lightning attack. Using a huge bolt of lightning, strike a wide region.
Controlling the Atmosphere with the Lightning Sphere Toss a lightning sphere that bursts when it collides with anything, causing electrical harm in the vicinity.
Wall of Frost Atmokinesis Create an ice barrier to boost your DEF while also slowing down surrounding enemies.

Specializations in Storm Construction:

Thunderbolt You have a chance to apply extra bonus stacks whenever you apply a stack of Shock to an opponent.
Rod of Lightning Chain lightning is added to attacks, which spreads to three adjacent opponents and delivers half the maximum damage of the strike.
Season of the Rains Raises all skill damage by 30%, but also increases the amount of stamina required by 30%.
Ritual of the Rain Each Lightning Cloud-class skill carried increases Shock damage by 5%.

Shock and Chill are two of Storm’s unique powers. Electrocution, Thunder Crash, and Lightning Sphere stack Shock in this setup, while Snowstorm Shield and Wall of Frost stack Chill. Shock causes opponents to lose ATK for approximately 7 seconds, while Chill causes enemies to lose movement speed and dodge rate, as well as being frozen in place for 4 seconds.

Storm, as previously said, is a master of AoE. Snowstorm Shield, Lightning Sphere, and Thunder Crash all brutalize large groups of enemies, the latter two more more so due to Rain Ritual, while Lightning Rod extends their effect even farther. While Electrocution is a single-target attack (albeit one that is guaranteed to atomize trash monsters), since Lighting Rod delivers damage depending on the attack’s maximum damage, you may still fry anybody around while using it, even if they aren’t your target. 

When utilizing Storm, the only thing you have to be concerned about is her location. Her techniques have a lengthy windup and none of them allow for shifting, thus if someone manages to get past your barrage, you may unintentionally leave yourself vulnerable. Use Wall of Frost or Snowstorm Shield to quickly flee to safer terrain in this scenario.

Because Rainy Season increases your stamina expenditures in return for increased damage, you should be cautious about committing to assaults. Because the additional stamina burn makes it more difficult to perform several moves quickly, be sure you’re aiming where you should be before pulling the trigger. If you miss, getting ready for the next round may take longer than you’d want.

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