Kerrigan Rework (cause I’m bored)

The new Kerrigan is a lot more impactful than her old self. With the exception of an additional damage over time ability, this rework really makes it about how much she can do with what little resources you give her. She’s less reliant on items and has some interesting support abilities like Ravage that make use of Envenom instead of having to spam Disruptors all day long because she doesn’t have the gas for Blink anymore… Or maybe she does but still wants to be in combat while ravaging players from afar?

Kerrigan is a hero from the Starcraft series. This build is an attempt to recreate her current state, with some tweaks and changes. The goal of this build is to be able to do as much damage as possible, while maintaining enough defense to survive in team fights.

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Kerrigan Rework (cause I'm bored)

Table of Contents

  • The number of people who are healthy has climbed to 1800. (was 1764)
  • Regeneration of Health has grown to 3.7. (was 3.6757)
  • Damage from Basic Attack has been raised to 125. (was 115)


Primitive Grasp

  • Damage from explosions has been lowered to 180. (was 195)

Blades that impale

  • Damage was reduced to 145. (was 165)

Assimilation (passive)

  • Shields of maximum assimilation have been reduced to 1000. (was 1004)
  • The benefit from assimilation has been raised to 15% of the damage caused.


  • Kerrigan’s “Queen of Ghosts” skin has been restored to its pre-infested state from Heart of The Swarm.
  • Tricia Hefler has taken over as Kerrigan’s voice. (Please bring on the blizzard)

1st Level Talents

Mastery of Assimilation

  • Additional Functionality: Kerrigan receives 100% of the damage caused to mercenaries as Shields for Assimilation.

Impact Siphoning

  • Additional functionality: Kerrigan’s movement speed is improved by 15% after casting Ravage.

The Swarm’s Fury

Talents at Level 4

Blades that have been sharpened

  • It now stacks endlessly, but after 75 stacks, it no longer delivers 50 more damage.
  • Minions’ bonus damage has been lowered to 0.5 (from 1), and Takedowns’ extra damage has been reduced to 3. (from 5)

Fulmination by Kinetics

Razor Swarm has a new member.

  • Impaling Blades’ damage and radius have both been increased by 20%.
    • Kerrigan’s max health is boosted by 25, up to 300 additional health, each time Impaling Blades stuns an opponent 1 second after they are dragged by Primal Grasp.

Psionic Pulse is a psionic pulse that occurs when a

  • Additional functionality: Quest: Use Primal Grasp’s explosion to hit opposing heroes.
  • Reward – After striking 20 enemy heroes with Primal Grasp’s second explosion, it will erupt a third time.

Talents at Level 7

Queen of Swords

Fury that knows no bounds

Momentum with a Blade

  • Kerrigan’s basic ability’s cooldown is reduced by 0.35 seconds when basic attacks are used against foes. Against opposing heroes, it’s a two-for-one deal.

Talents at Level 10 (Heroic Abilities)


  • Additional functionality: Maelstrom’s duration is extended by 0.2 seconds every time it impacts an adversary.


Talents at Level 13

Psionic Blockade

  • Kerrigan now has 10 armor for 3 seconds after each opponent is dragged by Primal Grasp. This duration is refreshed by Basic Attacks.


Volatile Energy

Talents at Level 16

Increasing Potency

  • The duration has been extended to 6.5 seconds.
  • The maximum bonus spell power has been reduced by 30%.

Spikes That Hurt

Unbridled Power

Talents at Level 20


Immobilization Wave – New Talent

  • When Maelstrom activates, enemies inside the initial region are stunned for 0.5 seconds.
  • Maelstrom’s Area progressively rose by 100% during the course of 7 seconds.


  • Extra Capabilities: The Ultralisk is unstoppable.

Psionic Shift is a psionic shift that occurs when a

  • Leveled up to 16.
  • The range has shrunk by around 20%.

Blades of Assimilation

Fury is a new talent.

  • Consecutive Basic attacks enhance the speed of basic attacks by 10% to 50%.
  • Basic Attacks deliver 20% greater damage as a passive.

Crucible for New Talent

  • Chrysalis health is increased by 50%, and chrysalis healing is doubled. The cooldown time has been shortened by 20 seconds.

Daughter of The Overmind – New Talent

  • When Kerrigan has at least 35 percent max shields for Volatile Power, she resists CC Effects by 50%. While below 25% health, passive – Gain double assimilation.

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