How to defeat The Canvas (Act 3) in Inscryption

This is the third act of a game called Inscryption. It has its own unique style and gameplay, so make sure you play the first two to get some context before starting this one. To beat The Canvas (Act 3) in order for it to be complete, you must do all of these things:

In this article, I will be explaining how to defeat The Canvas (Act 3) in Inscryption.

After you’ve dealt with the Archivist, you’ll need to fight the Canvas at the bottom left-hand corner of the map. The fact that the third monster in Act 3 of Inscryption is still incomplete implies that P03 has grown a touch lazy, since it failed to develop any rules for the battle. But this is something we can take advantage of.


It’s a good idea to strive to improve your deck along the way. Keep an eye out for cards with the Sniper Sigil on them, but any with Nano Armor should be considered as well. It’s a good idea to have some cards that can take an additional damage as you go through Act 3, especially for the Canvas. Similarly, upgrading your Sniper cards with the Nano Armor sigil is worthwhile since it results in a more potent card.

Make your own rules.

In Inscrpytion, the Canvas is the closest we’ll come to becoming our own boss. You’ll need to make a face for the combat before it begins. After that, P03 will prompt you to choose a rule. What you want to do here is choose the least harmful ruleset that won’t offer your opponent a significant edge.

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The rule you construct is divided into two sections: top and bottom. The top section specifies when the rule will be implemented, while the bottom section explains what will happen. Below is a list of the choices you should choose and in what sequence, as well as an explanation of why:


When it’s your turn

This is the least difficult of the three solutions provided. The other two options may occur numerous times each turn, and you don’t want your rule to be triggered multiple times since you’ll be able to respond appropriately if it only happens once.


I’m an L33PBOT.

A L33PBOT is a monster with two HP and no attack. It also has the Mighty Leap symbol, which means it must be attacked by Airborne cards. Its existence on the board is relatively innocuous since it cannot hurt you. That means you can entirely disregard them, and having numerous L33PBOTs on your opponent’s side of the field is even advantageous since it significantly restricts what they can play. You just need to free up one spot and focus your fire there if you have a lot of Sniper sigil cards. This is the first option.

Nano Armor is granted to one of my cards.

It’s simple to go around this restriction, especially if your side of the board has a lot of Sniper sigil cards. Although it improves your opponent’s card defense, an L33PBOT is still a harmless attacker even with an extra layer of defense. This is the second option.

A card is dealt at random.

This is also simple to work around, however you should do so last. A random card on an empty board may be a lot more harmful. On the other hand, on one littered with L33PBOTs, it’s considerably less of a problem. If the Canvas already has a few cards in play, the card can only travel a certain number of spaces, enabling you to deal with it quickly or ignore it entirely if it isn’t a danger.

You will only need to choose one of these rules during the first phase, and the rest of the game will go normally. To prepare for the second stage, try to play as many cards with Nano Armor as possible during the first stage. The combat may be slower using this strategy than you are used to, but you will ultimately whittle down the Canvas and go on to the second phase.

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Every round, new rules are introduced.

The Canvas will play five Broken Bots at the start of phase two. As a result, unless all of your cards have Airborne, they will all be destroyed as soon as you attack. However, if you’ve played a few cards with the Nano Armor symbol and maintained that layer of defense, you’ll still have a few cards on the board to assist speed up the second stage.

As the second round progresses, you’ll need to choose new regulations with each round. If you follow the following suggestions, you should find that the Canvas becomes much easier to handle since it won’t be able to play the cards it wants. It will take a long time to vanquish, much like the first phase. It won’t be that tough if you have enough Sniper sigil cards.

You may improve your Empty Vessels again when the battle is ended. Sentry, which does one damage when a card is played in the opposite square, should be your choice this time. Your Empty Vessels may now eliminate foes with two health despite having zero attack when combined with Sharp Quills, which will come in handy as you approach the final boss, Golly.

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