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Erichthonios, a super boss of the first raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is one tough monster. He has three phases and each phase requires different tactics to beat him. This guide will outline what he does at every stage so you can level up your raids.

The “ff9 eiko cooking” is a strategy guide for how to beat Erichthonios in Final Fantasy XIV. It includes information on what skills and abilities you should use, as well as the best way to set up your team.

There are spoilers ahead. Avert your gaze if you haven’t finished Endwalker.

The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker raid has begun, summoning all players to Pandaemonium’s twisted citadel. This region is under the direct supervision of Lahabrea, ol’ “hammer of darkness” himself from way back in the Praetorium, as a research laboratory for the most hazardous monsters. Look no further if you’re seeking for a tutorial on how to defeat Erichthonios in Asphodelos: The First Circle.

Phase 1

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Erichthonios begins the battle by casting Gaoler’s Flail. He’ll quickly attach a hook to the ground, which will indicate which side of the arena will be targeted. Stay on the other side of the room from the hook at all times. He’ll use this skill twice in a row, swapping the two parts of the chamber each time.

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He’ll then use Warder’s Wrath. Simply said, this is a massive AoE assault that must be neutralized or repaired. He’ll follow it up with Pitiless Flail, in which he attacks a non-tank member of the party. To avoid being thrown into the death wall, whomever he targets will want to stand as near to the boss as possible. The image above depicts the polar opposite of what you should do.

True Holy, an AoE stack mechanism, will be his next ability to perform. If the target of Pitiless Flail is still alive, he will cast this on that person. Healers, following Pitiless Flail, you may want to Rescue the target. Before using his next new ability, Heavy Hand, he will use another Gaoler’s Flail. Heavy Hand is a tankbuster that must be mitigated or healed.

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Intemperance is the next mechanism. Each player will be given an element — Hot Spell or Cold Spell — as a result of this ability. He’ll next divide the arena into four quadrants, each with alternating Fire and Ice block towers. If you have Hot Spell, stand in a square with a Cold block closest to the ground, and if you have Cold Spell, stand in a square with a Cold block closest to the earth. You’ll switch components three times, so make sure you’re in the right square each time and keep an eye on your debuff.

Phase 2

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He’ll use Warder’s Wrath and Heavy Hand a few times before casting Shining Cells, a new ability. This splits the arena into many sections, each of which is divided into two colors: green and red. The attack animations of the following two strikes, Aetherchain and Aetherflail, are worth noting. Stand on the color opposing the orbs floating around him if he’s casting Aetherchain. If the orbs are white, for example, stand on the red segments, and vice versa.

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The mechanics of Aetherchain are combined with Gaoler’s Flail in Aetherflail. You should stand on the other side of where the hook falls, as well as the opposite hue of the orbs. The tells are shown in the image above; in this case, we wanted to be on a red section on his right side. Be mindful that between and after Aetherflails, Erichthonios may cast Pitiless Flail and True Holy.

Erichthonios will join another Intemperance Hot/Cold mini-game after leaving Shining Cells. You’ve seen all of Erichthonios’ mechanisms up to this point, since he’ll rotate between Phase 1 and Phase 2 mechanics until you kill him.

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