Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Review

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is a fun and innovative game that combines farming, cooking, and baking all in one. Who doesn’t love burgers? Happy Farms brings farm simulation games like Stardew Valley to the iPad. Check out our review of this awesome new app by visiting http://bit.ly/2n1ZKlE!.

Happy’s Humble Burger Barn is a farm that serves burgers and fries. The food was alright, but the service was great. They were also very nice to my dog.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm

There are certain games that are so well-known that they immediately establish their own subgenre. Dark Souls is an excellent example, since it inspired the word “Soulslike” to be used to a wide range of difficult RPGs. Similarly, despite its creator’s flaws, Five Nights at Freddy’s produced its own type of horror characterized by adorable mascots concealing a darker, more diabolical aim. Furthermore, these games often position you in a humdrum location, such as a restaurant or fast food outlet.

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is the newest addition in this horror subgenre. This game blends restaurant management with a larger scenario that seems to have something terrible lurking under the surface. Is this burger undercooked, or does this unusual mix generate delicious horror? Let’s have a look.

A Good Cooking Game Encased in a Suspenseful Mystery

I thought I understood what to anticipate when I initially started Happy’s Humble Burger Farm. I expected to be confined inside the namesake restaurant and subjected to jump scares while ensuring that some tired and hungry client got their burger and fries (or maybe salmon nuggets, which I had never idea existed).

Instead, Happy’s Humble Burger Farm (HHBF?) throws you into your flat and the greater world of New Elysian City right away with something surprising. I found the game’s atmosphere of mystery about the town you’re in and the nature of your role within it compelling from the start.

Whether it’s the keypad-equipped locked doors in your apartment building, the fever-dream content on your television, or the buildings that loom just beyond your reach as you walk through the city streets late at night on your way to work, everything in Happy’s Humble Burger Farm seems to hint at a deeper mystery, and as you progress, you’ll discover that your instincts are correct.

When you initially arrive at the restaurant, a pamphlet menu provides you some basic information on the cooking techniques, and a brief lesson gets you up to speed, but things like picking up many components and distributing them around the grill or onto a bun weren’t immediately evident to me.

Part of it has to do with how things are presented in the world. While I enjoyed the in-game representation of mechanics and story, stylized on colorful backgrounds and featuring the mascots that you’ll soon become accustomed to as the game progresses, it was difficult to read items found in the world or messages written in my brochure menu without any kind of text or zoom option.

I imagine this would be easier on a monitor, but I was sitting on a couch in front of a 65-inch TV, so readability was an issue for me. This is compounded by the fact that you need to read a lot of things to gather story elements and when using the game’s vending machines to buy collectibles or healing items. In-game menus also lack a subtitles option, which would have been useful for spoken conversation.

Aside from that, the controls were never nearly as precise as I would want. Although there is a controller sensitivity setting, it never seemed quite right for some of the more esoteric motions, such as picking up a pickle or pressing a vending machine button. Having to match up the pointer with the item in a panic just highlighted the control concerns for me. On mouse and keyboard configurations, I suppose the experience is a lot simpler.

Aside from those difficulties, Happy’s Humble Burger Farm’s cooking system is extremely fantastic! It’s not very extensive, but after a few shifts, you’ll be assigned additional responsibilities such as creating beverages, shakes, fries, and nuggets, as well as cookies and pies, in addition to your normal burger, chicken sandwich, or pork sandwich chores.

It’s a lot of fun running around the back of the restaurant while your main chef sits there doing nothing, and it makes me wish there was a local co-op to help with the orders. Juggling numerous objects might be exhausting, but happily, the only things that can truly burn are your sandwiches.

Random incidents, such as dark individuals switching off lights or turning off appliances, can complicate your task throughout your shifts. Additional complications, such as deliveries or other jobs, may arise, all of which might result in “infractions” if you wait too long to finish an order.


The worry of what might happen if I allowed too many “infractions” stack up during a shift took me off surprise more than the random happenings. Let’s just say that doing so will reveal the sinister side of one of the restaurant’s mascots, compelling you to feed her in order to stay alive through the night.

All of this takes place in the aforementioned city setting, which gradually expands as you advance through the shifts. You’ll discover secret tokens, trinkets, and new places to explore, enabling you to delve further into the overall mystery.

Boss battles also become a component of the game at this point. I won’t go into detail about the mechanics of these games, but the first one, for example, requires you to balance culinary techniques while avoiding nonstop exploding foes. When things like explosions clip through walls and injure you while being far away, it’s frenetic and a bit irritating.

You may store up on healing goods for these fights, but I found myself battling with the controls or strange occurrences like the aforementioned explosions clipping through walls during these frenzied times. I was also continuously losing cooked food due to projectiles knocking it off the grill during the first boss battle, which was irritating to say the least.

Despite this, each of these landmarks reveals a new layer of the puzzle, and what a mystery it is! If Happy’s Humble Burger Farm was simply a culinary game with horror aspects or a city exploring game, it would be OK but not outstanding. However, combining the two elements into a single experience raises this game well above comparable horror games in my opinion.

The atmosphere is thicker than a milkshake thanks to the retro presentation.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm’s whole aesthetic and soundtrack screams old PlayStation. Even though I was in first person, traveling around the city at night reminded me of Silent Hill, as if something might spring out at me at any moment. The chunky pixel format also gives everything a grimy vibe, which I really liked.

During boss confrontations, the soundtrack is suitably urgent and lively, resulting in a presentation that cleverly exploits a classic flair without losing its own personality. When I first began playing Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, I had no idea what to anticipate, but I’m pleased I took the risk to do so.

This is a must-try for fans of horror, cookery games, and particularly both.

8.0/10 for the overall performance.

Bradley Ramsey is the author of this article. 12/07/2021 (insert date)

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The “happy’s humble burger farm cow” is a game that was created by Happy, who wanted to create a game that had no violence and was family friendly. This review will tell you more about the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Happys Humble Burger Farm scary?

A: No, Happys Humble Burger Farm is not scary.

How long is Happy Humble Burger Farm?

A: Happy Humble Burger Farm is a farm with lots of different happy animals. Its length is hard to say because there are so many things in it!

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