Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific’s holiday event – everything you need to know

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Activision has announced plans to release a new Call of Duty game in 2021. The company teased their first ever holiday event for the upcoming title, but that’s not all. Activision also revealed that the next installment will be powered by blockchain technology and only one player can control it at any time.

The “call of duty: vanguard time period” is a holiday event in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. This event will be available from December 18th, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021.

The Call of Duty series has celebrated the Christmas season for the last several years by introducing limited-time themed cosmetics and modes to its multiplayer. Although there won’t be much of a difference between Vanguard and Warzone this year, their common Festive Fervor event will debut some of the oddest and most horrifying characters in the series’ history.

The start and finish dates for Festive Fervor

This year’s Festive Fervor event, like previous ones, will only last a few weeks, beginning on December 16. Players of Vanguard can anticipate a Christmas update on December 15 at 9 p.m. PT, while Warzone Pacific will get its own update on December 16 at 9 p.m. PT. Although no official expiration date has been set, limited-time bundle sales suggest that the promotion will expire on January 5.

Everything is featured in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific’s Festive Fervor.

Krampus and Elf Team Six

Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-and-Warzone-Pacifics-2021-holiday-eventSledgehammer Games provided this image.

The appearance of Elf Team Six and folk tale legend Krampus is the most conspicuous addition in both games. Players may hunt down these dangerous troop of elves in both multiplayer maps and Caldera to complete tasks, collect XP, and earn killstreaks – but they aren’t afraid to put up a fight. Krampus, on the other hand, will be wandering the streets of both games, primarily targeting slacker players with low objective scores. Krampus only strikes from behind with a finishing move, so you won’t be able to see him much of the time.

Seasonal impacts and Armageddon mode

1639427661_205_Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-and-Warzone-Pacifics-2021-holiday-eventSledgehammer Games provided this image.

Another limited-time offering, Armageddon, is an objective-based multiplayer game that is a spin-off of Modern Warfare 3’s Drop Zone. Two teams will compete for possession of an objective that moves across the map, similar to Drop Zone. When a team has completely secured the location, however, gifts containing different killstreaks will rain down from above the goal.

During Festive Fervor, Vanguard’s famous Shipment map will be renamed Shipmas and given a comprehensive festive makeover. As a consequence, on Shipmas, all shipping boxes will be changed into wrapped gifts, and many Christmas trees will be placed around the venue. Players of Zombies and Caldera could expect the similar holiday revamp, with various Christmas-themed places in Der Anfang and Caldera throughout the event.

Cosmetics with a holiday theme

1639427662_569_Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-and-Warzone-Pacifics-2021-holiday-eventSledgehammer Games provided this image.

Both Vanguard and Warzone Pacific will get new Christmas packs, as planned. The Krampus Unleashed Bundle allows users to acquire a Krampus-inspired attire for operator Roland, which is maybe the most anticipated. The package will also include “Reindog Rampage,” a finishing technique in which operators summon demon-controlled dogs to attack foes from behind.

Finally, the Santa’s Slay Bundle includes Green and Red tracers guns to Vanguard as part of Festive Fervor. Although it is unclear exactly weapons these tracers may be used with, it is known that they are Legendary blueprints. The Santa’s Slay Bundle will also include a new finishing ability that allows players to summon the Elf Team Six to attack a specific opponent.

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The “call of duty: vanguard rewards” is a new event that will be released in the game, Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. The event has been dubbed Festive Fervor.

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