Architect’s Collection – A Snazzy Expansion

What can you expect from an expansion to your favorite game? According to Wargaming, the answer is a collection of four new tanks with unique graphics, abilities and mechanics. The current arrival of World Of Tanks: Architect’s Collection will probably ensure that players are still fighting over who gets what tank next after all these years.

The “architects” is a collection of buildings and decorations for your city. It’s a snazzy expansion to the game that adds some new content, including new buildings, decorations, and more.

Megaquirium is an aquarium management sim developed and published by Twice Circled in which you build and maintain your own own aquarium filled with stunning fish and other aquatic species. The game was first launched in 2018, and since then, the makers have continued to improve it and have also released an expansion. The Architect’s Collection is Megaquirium’s second expansion, and it adds brand-new material to the game. We construct some bridges and fill a tank with a crab that decorates itself in our review of Megaquirium: Architect’s Collection.

While Megaquirium’s first addition, Freshwater Frenzy, was all about bringing new animal breeds to the game, the most recent update, Architect’s Collection, is all about making your aquariums attractive and offering new ways to decorate or build them. It also includes some new species to display in your aquarium. Starting with the new creatures, despite the fact that Freshwater Frenzy has some of the best species in the game, the animals in the Architect’s Collection are all about the show and making your aquarium stand out.


This implies that the new creatures are brightly colored, stunningly attractive, and one-of-a-kind. The brilliant Decorator Crab and the Mantis Shrimp, for example, are designed to make your tank stand out with their vibrant hues. Both of these species are among the most beautiful in the game, and if you want to make certain tanks stand out, these two additions will help you draw the most visitors to your aquarium. You also have other amazing additions in your inventory, such as the Water Sunfish, which is one of the most unusual fish in the ocean, and the enormous Japanese Spider Crab, in addition to these two colorful additions.

The new DLC will allow you to make tanks out of some of the most unusual and beautiful creatures presently inhabiting the seas. Some of the most beautiful creatures in the game would look great in similarly beautiful aquariums. As a result, the DLC includes additional components that may be used to customize your tanks. This time, you receive a number of new objects to adorn your aquarium flooring, and some of the decorations may also be used outside the aquarium, giving you the option of adding more decorations to your aquarium.


You may purchase new bridges, tunnels, one-way entrances to regulate visitor traffic, and new windows to decorate the exterior of your tanks. Bridges and tunnels provide your aquarium a whole new level of customisation by allowing you to create different degrees of immersion for your guests. Bridges allow you to provide places for your guests to walk above and beyond the current paths, and tunnels may be placed under your tanks, giving you a whole new viewpoint on how you wish to develop your aquarium and extend your existing areas.

I was able to provide a shortcut to the food booths on the other sides of the tanks using tunnels, so instead of travelling all the way around the tanks in the center, my guests could take a route and get to the other side much faster. I’m not a big lover of bridges, so I filled most of my aquariums with tunnels instead of bridges, but I’m sure a lot of gamers will utilize them for their own unique constructions. More customization choices are usually beneficial in a management simulation since they are employed in a variety of ways.


To make things even more personal, you may paint all of the additional facilities and artifacts included in the DLC to fit your aquarium’s theme. This eliminates the assumption that you have to purchase and put items that your consumers desire but that you don’t want in your aquarium because they don’t match your theme. You can now just place them and afterwards paint them to fit your theme, and you won’t have to compromise on anything, whether it’s client pleasure or your aquarium’s own aesthetics. The DLC adds seven more colors to the game, giving you more possibilities for color schemes or matching your current aquarium colors. A new Hermit Crab toy is also available in the gift stores for your guests.

Aside from these fantastic new elements, the DLC also comes with a brand-new update that includes some much-needed updates and repairs for the game. I won’t go into detail about them since this will turn into a patch notes piece, but it simply goes to show that Twice Circled is committed to the game and is striving to improve it even today. The new addition has given the game a new lease of life, and I’m excited to see what the devs have planned for the future.


The Bottom Line:

Megaquirium: Architect’s Collection is a much-needed update to the game, since it adds additional species, artifacts, and structural modifications to your aquarium, all of which contribute to its overall beauty. The DLC is more than just additional fancy goods; it also includes a slew of backend updates and adjustments, demonstrating that the developer is committed to improving and growing the game. Megaquirium Architect’s Collection now provides you with many hours of entertainment because to its superb gaming mechanics and newly included sandbox mode, which is now much more enlarged. While the new campaign scenarios in Architect’s Collection aren’t disappointing, they do offer a lot of new stuff to the game and are a terrific addition. If you possess the basic game, this is a must-have.

9.0/10 for the overall performance.

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